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Why is Gandhi Still Alive?

January 24, 2015 divider image


Mahatma Gandhi shall always be respected, nay worshipped in this country! As long as there is GOOD in the world, Gandhiji will live! Speaking from his very heart was Mr. Chandrakant Wankhede, former editor of ‘Sakaal’ at our regular meeting on 22nd Jan 2015.

Born in a family, where the mahatma’s photo was placed in their temple, he had always held Gandhiji in high esteem. Therefore, having moved to Amravati for higher studies, he realized that the Maharashtrian Brahmins were quite against Gandhiji. To add to that, coming to know that a failed attempt to kill him was made in as early as 1934 left him shocked! This spurred him and he started reading whatever material on Gandhiji that he could lay his hands on.

He soon came to realize that Gandhiji was greatly misinterpreted and misunderstood, and hence the defamatory statements made against him. He gave the example of an old Harijan lady who slapped him to which he offered her his other cheek. His view was that the Harijans had been slapped by the higher castes for centuries and no amount of slapping could actually reverse the clock. However,this was his way of atoning for the atrocities perpetrated by present and past generations! It was not that he wanted us to be cowards and get beaten every time; but this was the unfortunate interpretation by select opinion makers leading to the negativity surrounding Gandhiji’s methods!


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