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When the awards came showering in, a day of humility.

June 15, 2015 divider image

A very good Monsoon morning !

What a relief, monsoon is finally here, rain gods have started pouring in their bounty on a scorched earth and the long summery agony of hapless citizens. Similarly on June 14th at Nasik, the District 3030 Awards committee headed by District Governor Dada Deshmukh also showered us with a large number of awards, as a reward for the significant & meaningful work done by the Directors and their Chairpersons of our esteemed club.

While we had bid for a large number of awards, I can understand that we got a selected few only, though Rotary Club of Nagpur was nominated for many of the awards. Must be a lot of pressure on the Awards nominating committee for balancing the selection of clubs for the awards. Our team attending the Awards function comprising of Manjot singh Kahai, Kapil Bhari, Prashant Rajurkar & Monal Malji, Rtn Mamta Jaiswal, Manish Jaiswal and yours truly felt  proud & humbled by being continuously called to the Dais for the awards.

The Rotary Club of Nagpur is grateful to DG Dada and the Awards Committee for bestowing  and honoring us with a large number of awards. I am also grateful to our Asst Governor Dr Vinay Tule for being literally at my side right from Nagpur and cheering Team RCN at every achievement. He is the person who was clicking the photos and posting.

We have been bestowed by the following Awards :

  • Best work done for Polio Plus
  • Best work done for Physically handicapped.
  • Best work done for Literacy Promotion.
  • Best work done for Tribals.
  • Best Community Service
  • Best International Service activities.
  • Outstanding Vocational service activity.
  • Upliftment of women in society.
  • Blood Donation.
  • Best Bulletin.
  • Best Interact activity.
  • Best Rotaract activity.
  • Trophy for Upliftment of women during Silver Jubilee year
  • Trophy, Rotary wheel of honor for Outstanding work done under all Avenues of service.

Individual Awards

  • To Mamta Jaiswal for support of IYE activity.
  • To Shabbir Shakir for ourstanding work as District officer.
  • To President Bharat Goenka as award for best President Zone XVII
  • To President Bharat Goenka certificate of Appreciation for Keep India Polio Free
  • To President Bharat Goenka RI Presidential Citation.

I dedicate all these Awards & Trophies to the members and their family of this wonderful club, and wish the new Team 15-16 to strive to achieve even higher goals. There is serious competition emerging from other clubs and let NOT complacency & apathy set in. Rotary clubs of Jalgaon & Nagpur Ishanya have performed extremely well, and on complimenting the Presidents, they attributed the reason for their success to club members and their family working homogeneously with everyone of them contributing to the growth & strength of their club. The seniors of their club are their friend, philosopher and guide and do not encourage any factions and judgemental issues to creep in.

I am certainly honoured to be the leader of this premier club of D3030 and of India.

Bharat Goenka


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