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The Rotary Foundation

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The Rotary Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation within Rotary International that was officially started in 1917 by Arch Klumph, and has over the years become the financial arm of Rotary International. This was also required within the financial/legal framework of the United States. TRF supports all humanitarian, educational programs of Rotary International and its efforts to eradicate polio. TRF has its own goals and mission “Doing Good in the World”. It has its Board of Trustees that meet regularly to give direction to and manage the work that happens around the world. TRF receives funds from Rotarians, patrons and well wishers all over the world. In return, TRF has a practice of giving recognition to all those who donate generously.

So in the name of Rotary’s founder, Paul Harris, TRF has created different levels of recognition, depending on the extent of contribution that the person has given. For example, a Paul Harris Fellow (PHF) is one who has contributed a sum of $1000 to TRF. Similarly, one who gives from $1001 upto $9999 is a Multiple Paul Harris Fellow (MPHF). The one who gives $10000 is a Major Donor and so on it goes. The highest recognition is Arch Klumph Society for a sum of $250000, and there are a few Indians on this prestigious list. Lakshmi Mittal, Rajshree Birla, Vinay Kulkarni are some of the names that are in this “hall of fame” having contributed $1million to TRF. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have pledged $355 million to the Polio Fund, on a assurance of TRF raising $200 million, which has been instrumental in the final war against Polio.

Rotary Club of Nagpur has so far in its name through its members and efforts collected and given an all-time amount of $290968.25 to TRF (as on 2.7.2011 CRS) and this figure is increasing fast thanks to the generosity of its members. In 2010-11 our Club received contributions from just under 100 members and spouses towards PHF/MPHF and surpassed the target set by the District Governor. In the current year, in the very first week, thanks to the “subsidy scheme” of the District Governor Gopal Shiralkar, our Club members contributed 55 PHF/MPHF and 6 Major Donors thereby achieving the set target for the year!!!

Rtn PP Vijay Naidu
Co-Chair (TRF Committee)
Rotary Club of Nagpur

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