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Tauby Bhagwagar

March 6, 2012 divider image
Tauby giving prize to specially abled Shayari for her beautiful Ganesh Vandana Dance

Tauby giving prize to specially abled Shayari for her beautiful Ganesh Vandana Dance

My Dear Rotarians,

Character is your nature – it’s who you are and what you are made up of. It is the real you, when no one is observing you. What we should be building upon as we grow in life and stature is character. In today’s world that is overtly preoccupied with image, wealth and success, character is often given a back seat. Honesty, ethics, sincerity, humility and many such factors contribute to building up your character. The reputation of our club is the reputation of our members; and our character will carve out our reputation.

Who are we as Rotarians? We are a network of people who care. We recognize the challenges before us; we know our abilities and responsibilities. In this World Understanding Month we remember these words of Paul Harris

“The hearts of men must be so touched and moulded that mutual understanding and goodwill will take citizens, people who have broader perspectives, enhanced by open eyes and open minds. Citizens of solid character and reputation.”

The coinciding of the 107th Birthday of Rotary, with a Thursday was celebrated in a grand manner, true to our clubs standards of style and panache. I was happy to see the meeting hall decorated with balloons and ribbons, the excitement and exuberance on our members faces coupled with joy and satisfaction, pride and love for Rotary. These are the kind of members who will build the future of Rotary that we strive to carry on for the next 100 years. Long Live Rotary!!

Our war against eradication of Polio is almost won. Rotary International has committed to be the torch bearer until India and the world becomes absolutely Polio Free. The last polio case was seen a year ago. By attaining zero polio status for another two years, our country will be the first among the endemic countries to become polio free. That’s our enthusiasm and passion.

Udaan … the all day sports meet for specially abled children is emerging as one of our landmark projects. It was our special way of expressing love on Valentine’s Day. Love for those who are less fortunate than us, but whose spirit and zest for life overcomes their short comings. So many members put their hearts and soul into this project that the end result had to be spectacular. That’s our sincerity and love.

When you help others, when you involve yourself in Rotary with sincerity, passion, love, enthusiasm, interest and appreciation they’ll say that you’re crazy, don’t worry and continue on being yourself. When you achieve your dreams and trust in yourself, try not to develop arrogance, because that will be the quicksand that will swallow your victory.

May the colours of Holi add cheer and bring joy into your lives,

Yours in Rotary,

Rtn. Tauby Bhagwagar.

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