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Tauby Bhagwagar

June 12, 2012 divider image
Tauby making new friends during RI Convention, Bangkok

Tauby making new friends during RI Convention, Bangkok

My Dear Rotarians,

Many of us suffer in life because of confusion between love and attachment. Love is a quality of giving someone or something, positive emotions without any expectations. But attachment is getting tied to a person, an object, an idea or a post with the expectation that your object of attachment will make you happy. Love never fails, but attachment causes bondage, disappointment and ultimately makes us sad. I gave my best on my turn at the helm of this wonderful club and as the time comes to cross this milestone, I will, with love happiness and satisfaction.

As this term gets into unwind mode the new team has already started on its preparations, to take on the next year. Incoming President Atul Shah has his vision clearly in place and he effectively outlines this in his first communication to the club… “Let us plan for tomorrow but live for today, let us lead each other to serve the world around us and thereby serve ourselves

Our last club assembly, on 20th June will showcase all the work and projects this term has accomplished. It will be with a lot of pride and satisfaction that we can all commend ourselves for a job well done. Each Rotarian family is like a cog in the Rotary wheel which moves on so effortlessly because each cog is so firmly in place and in total sync with the other.

More than 38,000 Rotarians, from 190 countries around the world came together at Bangkok for the RI convention in May 20012. For those of us who made it to Bangkok, we can term it as a life time experience. Interacting with other members from across the world, making new friends, learning about Rotary, realizing how much Rotary clubs and Rotary members can do within our community and outside can only be possible at such events. No photographic or written essay can do it justice. The grandeur and experience can only be appreciated with your own eyes. I would strongly recommend that every Rotarian must plan on attending an International Convention as early as possible in his or her Rotary life.

Greetings and congratulations to our children and their proud parents who have got their results for their X and XII grade exams. I wish each one of you continued success and hope that you your dreams and aspirations are realized. Life for you is just about unfolding. Take it on with all your vigour and whatever you do, remember that as parents we will always love and support you.

May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be ever at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face and the rain fall softly on your fields. And until we meet again, may God hold you in the hollow of his hand.

Yours in Rotary,

Tauby Bhagwagar.

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