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Tauby Bhagwagar

April 18, 2012 divider image

My Dear Rotarians,

When we say emptiness, we are not looking at it that way at all. We are talking about you being empty of yourself. That’s the tragedy of a lot of people, especially in the more affluent societies. Emptiness means, somewhere, certain boredom has set in. May be, that’s because everything that can be fixed externally has been fixed. There is food, there is housing, there is clothing, and there is everything… everything actually more than you need. But still there is something wrong, and many of us just don’t know what. Do you live in a world that gives too much attention to the externals of life… the kind of car you drive, the house you live in, your grades, certificates, your physical appearance, weight, colour? Do you, as a result of fixing the external, create masks….masks you are afraid to take off? Do you hide behind a nonchalant sophisticated façade that helps you pretend you are better than others?

When we go for many of our service projects, we interact with people who are really impoverished but you will still see joyful faces, because they have hope. Tomorrow is going to be better, that hope is there. We have to learn at some point in our lives that we must fix the inside, and then work on the outside and our world would be just so much more beautiful.

As I traverse through my year with the major events and projects behind me now, I came to realize that one of our problem areas is involving members apart from the few dedicated bunch who take upon themselves to undertake most of our activities. As members there is an expectation you are supposed to fulfill. It’s not a task, it’s not a duty but it should be a feeling of using your club in reaching out to fulfill the objectives of the institution called “Rotary”. I may have said it before and won’t hesitate to say it several times again… please don’t wait to be asked, volunteer. Volunteer and involve yourself in whichever way you feel comfortable.

Rotarians in our club don’t enjoy asking for money. We are intimidated by the idea of fundraising. For the size and profile of our club we must be generating more and contributing more funds. When you ask people to give and when you give, you dedicate yourself to the cause. We must know that without effective fundraising we cannot accomplish our mission.

How do you say “thank you” for sunshine or health…for clear days or gentle rains…for happiness, joy or love? You say it by sharing what you have. You say it by making the world a better place in which to live.

Yours in Rotary,

Tauby Bhagwagar.

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