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So it is goodbye then, posting my last Rotary Blog

June 30, 2015 divider image

My dear Rotary family,

What a wonderful day outside, time to rejoice and be happy, but as I give charge to my successor tonight, deep inside I feel sad for not being able to communicate with you any longer through these blogs. But this year it has been fun right from the first blog I put up on July 1st – Welcome to the new Rotary year 14-15 – to the 69th blog today. The idea for these blogs was to keep you properly connected to the Rotary Club of Nagpur where ever in the world you are. What matters to me is that due acknowledgement has come in from the right quarters.

Today, we have our last project – To serve with Love, the old pitted flooring of dormitories & passage of the specially abled children hostel at Matru Sewa Sangh has been replaced with  good quality vitrified flooring. The 3000+ flooring has cost us a good amount of money which we had originally estimated is available with us as a surplus. The handing over ceremony of our last project is at 11 am at MSS premises Sitabuldi and would like you to give us company as part of this wonderful giving by our club.

I am grateful to my Board for contributing their mite in all ways to make this year successful, some of the Board members went beyond their call and lent support whenever I requested them for their help. Hats off to these committed Rotarians and visualise them going forward in the club’s hierarchy to become the President of this most Illustrious club. Friends it has been my good fortune to be the 70th President of this club and will always cherish my good experience.

In my zeal & enthusiasm to fulfill my commitment as the President of Rotary club of Nagpur I have unfortunately but intentionally overlooked my responsibilities to my family, relatives, friends and business, and it is now time to get back to them and make amends.

I bid goodbye to all of you by sharing the following message

If you’re asked to complete a leadership role, or any task in Rotary, take it. The journey is worth it.

Never stop doing your best because someone does not give you credit.

Do’nt chase people.  Be an example. Attract them. Work hard & be yourself.


Be happy always, be in touch, remember I am just an e-mail & phone call away.

Wishing Team 15-16 led by dynamic President Khushnoor Chugh every success in their endeavour to outshine all previous Teams and create new benchmarks.

Bharat Goenka




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