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Scholarships Committee was formed by Rotary Club of Nagpur in the year 2007-2008 and the project of helping the needy students in continuing their education up to High School was named “Project Smiling Faces”.

It was observed that a number of students (specially girls) from the underprivileged class of society drop out of school when they are in Class V to Class IX since in most of the cases, the parents cannot afford their education and would rather have an additional earning member in the family (which also amounts to Child Labour). Rotary Club of Nagpur decided to step in by helping such students financially by way of annual scholarships, ensure the continuity of their education up to High School at least and become deserving of some job & earning.

Project Smiling Faces has since grown and in the Rotary year 2014-2015, we could hand over scholarships amounting to total Rs 11.23 lacs (present day equivalent of US$ 17,000) with Corpus Funds of Rs 16.31 lacs (present day equivalent of US$ 24,700) benefitting more than 550 underprivileged students spread over 10 institutions.


A small amount of Rs 2,500/- (US$ 40) is what it takes to finance a child’s annual school fees, books and school uniform. A Corpus Fund of Rs 30,000/- (US$ 450) takes care of a child’s education year after year.

We have also now included a few deserving and capable college students who are not able to pursue higher studies due to paucity of funds. In turn, we are taking a pledge from all the beneficiary college students that they too will support at least one needy student when they start earning comfortably.

What we have tapped is not even the tip of the iceberg so far. Rotary Club of Nagpur is pursuing the efforts with a hope that more good Samaritans join us in putting smiles on more faces and carve out some more meaningful lives.

For your contributions, please contact:
(Mobile: +91 98230 39110)

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