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Slum And Women Upliftment

August 29, 2012 divider image

Talk On Benefits Of Breast Feeding In Four Slums
On 13th and 16th Aug- Slum Dev And Women Upliftment Comm

Due to paucity of time and as a matter of convenience, mothers these days opt for top feed as a substitute for breast milk to feed their infants. During the  ‘Breast Feeding Week‘, to spread awareness on importance and benefits of breast feeding, Slum Dev Comm organised a talk on Mon 13th August in Panchpaoli and Indora slum and on Thurs 16th Aug in Krishnanagar and Mariumnagar slum between 3 to 5 p.m. A very eminent speaker and award winner in this field Dr Aasolkar, Past President of Matru Seva Sangh spoke for this noble cause.

A gathering of more than 30 married and unmarried women were present in each slum. Dr. Aasolkar very aptly explained the importance of mother’s milk and its nutritive values. Suckling is natural by birth and mother’s milk is best for a child’s health which apart from mother’s love and affection gives immunity specially from colostrum-first milk produced, psychological security, higher intelligence, orthodontic benefits and a good digestion ability to the new born.

Various doubts and myths were cleared and queries were answered convincingly. The program was a grand success in motivating and encouraging the women folk about their rights and duties as a mother towards their new born.

The talk was followed by a brief discussion on “General Health And Hygiene ” by Rtn Kusum Pande. How taking care of cleanliness in and around the house can prevent many diseases was explained. Keen interest was shown by the women present. The project concluded with distribution of nail-cutters and soap to women present.

PP Tauby, Dir Parag Paranjape, Timmy Bawa, Shifali Shah, Sachin Palewar graced the project. Chairpersons Nirja Shukul, Kusum Pande Pinky Batra and Ragini Sahu gave full contribution and support to make the project a success.

-Ragini Sahu

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