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Rotary club of Nagpur – moving ahead with a philanthropic agenda

May 12, 2015 divider image

Morning Kind Rotarians

It was probably a day of good fortune for me in 1993, when my dear friend Dr Manmohan Daga proposed my name for the membership of this worthy club. Today as the 70th President of Rotary club of Nagpur I am experiencing the true value of Giving. A large number of our Rotarians, spouses, friends & associates religiously donate sums year after year – you just have to ask. I realised the true essence of this club, as being one created for the sole purpose of philanthropic rather than pecuniary & personal pursuits. I am amazed at the dedication & commitment with which some of our members & spouses work.


You will be amazed to note that our club gives annual scholarships to more than 400 students primarily girls till their high school education, the project very aptly named as -Project Smiling Faces. The scheme started in the year 2007-08 with a modest 53 students and with a budget outlay of less than a lakh, has boomeranged to scholarships worth Rs 9 Lacs given last year. The Scholarship committee ably headed by PP Gulab Mahant, Rtns Rajiv Behal & Sandip Dhodapkar, this year plans to bestow an all time high scholarships worth Rs 10 lacs on even more students. The Scholarships have brought hope & cheer to a large number of families, now their daughters can get a decent education, to achieve their dreams and aspire for a better life of comfort & luxury.

Already there are 166 members, spouses and non members who are sponsoring a child for an annual education cost of Rs 2500/- and some in multiples. Then there are some who have created corpus funds in form of fixed deposits with the club. Rs 30000/- donated to the club will fetch enough interest to take care of one student. Every year we see some good samaritans come forward with their generous donations and strengthening the bond between the haves and have nots.

Some of these beneficiaries have done well for themselves,a girl is a manger with a private bank, one an air hostess, the stories go on. The Golden Orange carries an article in every issue – Smiling Faces, do read it to get inspired to give.

Would you not like to become a part of this selfless giving – God in his immense generosity has given us more than enough to take very good care of our needs & also wants – it’s time to pass it on albeit in a small way. The Chairpersons are just a call away – please call them now.

Our partners in service are :

St Ursula Girls school, Guru Govind singh School, St Micheals School, Ekal Vidyalaya, Vanvasi Kalyan Kendra, Dr Prabhod education trust, Ramkrishna Mission, Sevanand School & others.

PHFs, Major Donors, Benefactors

For a 372 member club,we have 426 PHFs, 23 MDs & 4 Benefactors, but that is not enough. Every year there has to be an incremental growth in the numbers of the donors, as we strive hard for a growth in our incomes year after year. The PHF donates Rs $1000, the MD $10000, but for your benefit this also has been subsidised. Try to take advantage of the scheme till it lasts, donate generously to RI, believe me this money donated today comes back to us in the form of Global Grants etc.

Other Donors : We also have a large bank of sporadic donors, they open their purses & hearts whenever we make a fervent request for donations for specific projects like Nutrition, Hemalkasa, Udaan, Walkathon, Community welfare etc and the list goes on.

I am blessed to be a part of this noble charitable institution and more so as it’s leader this year.

Bharat Goenka


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