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Preventing Hypertension the Ayurveda Way

February 6, 2013 divider image


The weekly meeting began with slew of announcements including major charity program for the support of Lok Biradari Prakalp to be held at Hotel Sun n Sand on 9th February. PDG Vishwas Sahasrabhojanee achieved another milestone. He won The Rotary Foundation’s highest award for a Rotarian, the 2012-13 ‘Distinguished Service Award’ for his continued exemplary service to the cause of TRF. It has stringent criteria with only 50 Rotarians are selected from across the Rotary World for this honour. He has been the winner of RI’s highest individual Award ‘Service Above Self’ in 2006-07 and with The Rotary Foundation’s ‘Citation for Meritorious Service’ in 2007-08. Three new members, Ashish Kale, Rupali Kale and Umesh Agrawal were inducted taking membership tally to 341. The topic for the meeting was Ayurved and its benefits in Hyper Tension.

Dr Sunil Joshi is a world renowned Ayurvedacharya and giving consultancy to many Hollywood celebrities. Travelling across the globe he is spreading awareness on benefits of Ayurved. In his lucid style he emphasized the need to understand the reasons for hypertension. According to him it is neglected and ignorance is the main cause of people getting high BP. As per WHO report non-communicable and life style diseases like BP, Diabetes, heart ailments are causing major havoc and since it’s a silent killer many are failing prey to it.  According to him before popping a pill to ease the high BP, it is important to understand the scientific reasons for such condition. Blood Pressure surprisingly has little to do with blood per se. It is the flow of nutrient plasma that moves throughout body that causes such disorder. The heart is responsible to pump this plasma that travels through the veins to different parts of the body. For it to flow smoothly it has to be in perfectly liquid state and blood vessel unclogged.  When the veins gets blocked for various reasons the pressure inside the body goes up and requires heart to work harder putting undue pressure.

As per studies 70% of the BP cases are due to clogging of veins while only 30% is due to heart ailment.  These 70% cases actually require no pharmacological intervention. A BP pill temporarily expands the pipe and the flow begins smoothly. But the problem is nutrient plasma gets acidic or thick or not able to flow properly causing veins to clog. The common symptoms are constipation and irregular bowl movement.  As per Ayurved, the answer lies in looking at the constitution of the body. Is it Vat, Pitta or Kapha? Even though structurally all humans are same their constitution is different and that requires different approach to remedy. While Vat Dosh is responsible for all the movement inside the body, Pitta is the source of energy. Kapha dosh on the other hand represent water element. When the balance in these three changes, dieses occur. Ayurved gives utmost importance to these and thus can provide solution that will be tailor made for each individual. The talk was engrossing but keeping time in mind he explained beautifully the measures that one has to take to kill the very reason of high BP. Earlier Bharat Goenka introduced the speaker and Dr Bharti Gidwani proposed vote of thanks.

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