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Prashant Kale

May 4, 2014 divider image

prashant kale

Each of us can quickly perceive the agony of the blind and can understand the difficulties faced merely by closing the eyes while in action. However inspite of having perfect eyesight we still act as blind to the suffering of those around us in the society. Rotary is consistently endeavouring to eradicate this blindness from the society and giving the vision to foresee the actions required to eliminate the disparity and spread happiness. When a Rotarian volunteers his services to provide relief, the over joyous response from the recipients is so addictive that one is prompted to indulge more and derive the satisfaction of being helpful. This attitude to empathise with those in distress pays rich dividends in every walk of life. Rotary thus becomes a religion, a way of life and no more an activity to be pursued at leisure.

The joy of offering services increases manifolds when working with other Rotarians in a project and the same repeated over a period of time becomes our nature. Let us all shun the blindness and acquire this vision of identifying the opportunities to serve the society and experience the bliss and joy of giving while fostering the bonds of friendship with fellow Rotarians.

Yours in Rotary,

Prashant Kale

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