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Prashant Kale

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prashant kale

Every next moment is the part of the new day, new month and new year and deserves to be welcome as a gift of new life.  Our life deserves to be in the mode of continuous celebration. Just consider a thought that emphasizes the importance of our life and motivates all of us to get more closer to derive the most from this life.’ Our life span on this planet is very small like a “may-fly’ when compared with that of the universe and our coexistence at this moment is a great phenomena which entitles us to create healthy interpersonal relationships by appreciating the uniqueness of each individual forming a part of this photo frame of the moment which would never be repeated.

Time is finite and is the most precious possession we are all borne with but unaware of the quantum, makes it all the more important not to waste but to enjoy every moment we spent. Life is too short to do all the good and positive things in life leaving no scope for negativity. In our pursuit of being happy we tend to seek it outside loosing sight of happiness within and there can be no platform other than Rotary to experience the internal joy derived from the happiness in the lives of others in the society.

By involving all the Rotarians along with their children and seniors in families in various fellowships and service projects let us all get immersed in the joy of giving and make this very life meaningful, enjoyable and satisfying. We cannot lose sight of our duties and responsibilities towards our families while carrying out social service and their involvement in Rotary would make it easy to strike a balance between the two. October being a vocational service month, programmes are being planned for each Rotarian to get acquainted with the nature of vocation of all the fellow Rotarian and Rotary Ann so as to bring the members further closer for more meaningful interactions. Looking forward to excellent service projects and fellowships, with best wishes for Navratri and Dushera.

Prashant Kale

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