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Panel Discussion on Corruption

August 31, 2011 divider image

Regular Meeting: 25th August 2011

Panel Discussion

A panel discussion was planned for the regular meeting of Thursday titled “India is a society of the corrupt and heartless in terminal moral decay”. The panelists were PDG Dr. Satish Sule, Amitabh Sinha, Sohrab Kanga, Khushnoor Chugh, Gagan Sial & Sapna Vastani, with the moderator being PP Shabbir Shakir. Considering that corruption in India is a hot topic these days, we had a packed hall, with people interacting and taking active part in the discussion.

When asked, Dr. Sule was of the opinion that corruption is like a plague which has spread to all sectors of life and that our Governing system has degraded itself drastically. He stated that as per Transparency International, our country is the 7th most corrupt in the world with bribes to the tune of Rs. 26000 crores changing hands annually. Khushnoor was asked to voice her opinion on the reason why people become corrupt. She stated that greed, poverty and ambition were the prime factors. Failing family values were also to be blamed because although children are told to be truthful and honest, they see their parents behaving dishonestly for getting their work done.

Sapna Vastani too was of the opinion that failing moral values and our education system was leading to this moral decay. Sohrab was asked about the effect of the Anna Hazare crusade. He opined that anything attempted for the good of the people was a good thing, and said that though it was good it had some flaws like not covering election funding which is one of the root causes of corruption. Amitabh was asked to opine measures to check corruption and he agreed that electoral reform was the need of the hour. Transparency in tax-deductible funding by corporates to political parties could be an option. He also opined that bodies like CBI & CID should be independent. Better salaries for lower bureaucracy will help in removing greed. Gagan was asked whether he thought that families of honest people suffer and he agreed that the supreme sacrifice is indeed made by the family whose leader is non-corrupt and the family loses its competitive edge in today’s scenario.

A lot of people among the audience got into the discussion making it very interesting and thought-provoking. Everyone opined that though the scenario looked dark, there was “light at the end of the tunnel” as Sohrab put it. Awareness has come about and we all need to personally stop being corrupt by not giving or accepting bribes.

– Mamta Kanga

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