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Ornithology – A bird’s eye view

July 30, 2011 divider image

Regular Meeting: Thurseday 28th July 2011

Bird Watching or Birding, as colloquially called has been a passion with many. Specially men. Jokes apart, this hobby can keep you busy for hours together and even tempt you to visit places, normally not popular.

Rtn. Dr. Sudhanshu Kothe from Rotary Club of Nagpur South, had the audience mesmerized with a beautiful audio visual presentation at our regular meeting on Thursday the 28th. From the most beautiful of the species to the Owl. From the Regal Eagle to the Common Sparrow.
From the huge Ostrich to the small little Humming bird. He showed them all.

Dr. Sudhanshu started birdwatching at age 14 as a hobby but as he grew in years, it became an addiction with him. This hobby turned passion, has taken him on many an adventure to locales, not only exotic but also rarely visited. Whether its a family holiday or a medical conference, some time is definitely spared, to watch out for a new species.
He loves, watching their habitats as well as their mannerisms.

Surprisingly, our city Nagpur is quite a popular place with migrating birds both national and foreign. In fact the ‘Oriental Honey Buzzard‘, has recently been declared as the “Bird of Nagpur City“. While the “Yellow Footed Pigeon” is the Bird of the State of Maharashtra” and of course as we all know, “The Peacock”, is our National Bird.

The bird watchers society meets every second Sunday of the month, at 7am by the Telankhedi Lake. Indeed an interest worth looking into. The meeting was well attended and was very informative.

Manju Shahani

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