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Nirmalya Collection

September 28, 2013 divider image

There are few projects in our club whose magnitude is daunting. Nirmalya collection during Ganesh Visarjan is one such project. Started almost 10 years ago, this was meant to be small efforts on the part of Rotarians to help reduce water pollution. Each year during Anant Chaturdashi (the day on which Ganesh idols are immersed) Rotarians help in collection of Nirmalya (Flowers, garlands and other decoration material). It is to ensure that this nirmalya doesn’t pollute water bodies.

Over a period of time it has gained scale and scope. From a single club project it has now a district project where all clubs in Nagpur volunteer. This year it was a joint effort by all Rotary clubs in Nagpur. Asst. Gov. PP Tauby Bhagwagar did the task of organising and coordinating with all clubs. A joint press conference was held wherein public at large were informed about the twin objectives of Nirmalya collection and propagating artificial tanks through newspapers. The clubs were allotted different lakes in the city and helped administration and municipal authorities in reducing pollution. This year the municipal authorities coordinated with other NGO as well apart from Rotary in pursuing this cause.

Our club as in the past managed the biggest immersion Point of the city at Futala Lake. Apart from Nirmalya collection, there was an effort to motivate devotees to immerse their idols in artificial water tanks specifically created for this purpose. Needless to say Rotarians used all their goodwill and persuasion skills for the same. Rtn Vilas Kale, Deepa Jamwal & Deepali Kale spent considerable time coaxing people to use tanks instead of lake. Since the task was mammoth and duration was long, it was important that logistics are fine-tuned. The visarjan begins from late afternoon and went on till early morning hours next day. It is impossible to man all immersion points for the entire duration but with the help of Rotarians it was done seamlessly. Members came in different time slots and spent 2-3 hours each collecting nirmalya and encouraging devotes to use artificial tanks.

The key element in the entire scheme of thing was the Rotaractors from our 7 Rotaract Clubs. Sheer number of them was the source of strength for Rotarians to keep the work going. These young volunteers were large in numbers, enough for a human chain to encircle a large part of the lake!! That was a sight to watch. This year more than 450 Rotaractors joined hands in this cause. Rotaractors of Tuli College were in-charge of managing snacks and water. Rotaractors from Hislop, Sadabai Raisoni, Center Point College, G H Raisoni and IGGMC were integral part of this exercise. They were spread all over the entry points of Futala Lake and worked till late in the night.

Director Sanjay Sethi and Chairpersons Vishal Agrawal, Sangita Parekh, Parag Paranjpe, Manju Bhatia and Shalini Gupta along with Dinesh Naidu managed the show wonderfully. Director Jatin Sampat and Rotaract chairperson Namita Sharma and Shalini Naidu deserve special praise for the help they provided. President Prashant Kale and the entire first family were there till the end. Finally thanks to all the members who spent valuable time and lending help in this project.

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