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Regular Meeting: 21st August 2014

The president started the meeting by observing a one minute silence as condolence for PDG and PP Kumar Sathaye, and read out the Four Way Test. Customary birthday greetings were extended to PP Gulab Mahant, Gogi Bhasin and Sharmila Sutaria who were present. Sonam Mohta, a wealth manager with HSBC was inducted with her husband Aditya Mohta. Himanshu, a long term Out- bound student off to the USA came to say goodbye and thanked the club for the opportunity. In-bound student Paula from Brazil exchanged flags with the President.

raag malhar

The evening programme christened Malhar was next on the agenda. According to legend, Raag Malhar is so powerful that when sung appropriately, it can induce rainfall. Rahul Kale introduced the guest singer Shiromani Shyam Pohore as a performer and teacher par excellence, with numerous international recitals and recordings to his credit. Accompanied by his daughter Shruti Jain, herself an accomplished and awarded singer, Janardhan Ladse on tabla and Yawalkarji on the harmonium completed the team. Pohoreji began by explaining the raag MALHAR and its evolution from Kafi Thaat. He explained how it was sung / identified, its ascending and descending notes and its presentation, and the many off shoots from the main raag, He first sang a bandish for raag Malhar and followed with raag Miya ki Malhar. His brief explanation clarified how Miya ki Malhar uses both the natural and flat “ni”. They were both extremely well rendered and short enough to hold everyone in rapt attention!

His classical version of ‘Bole re Papihara…’ (later adapted for the film Guddi) was well appreciated. Shruti presented 3 songs – 2 filmy and also a Rajasthani folk song. Later on popular demand Pohoreji sang a bandish on Krishna and Radha based on the raag ‘Malkauns’ to everyone’s delight. The program went beyond the designated time but no one was complaining! Anita Chitaley gave a vote of thanks, terming the evening as ethereal. She called the timing for the program perfect (as there were a few showers that evening).

Folks, wish there was a better turnout, as it was indeed a beautiful program and an evening well spent with two fabulous singers.

– Shalini Naidu / Deepali Kale


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