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Live Long

August 15, 2012 divider image

August 9th, our Regular Meeting was shifted to Sindhi Sai Sabha Gruh as we had a special speaker. We had an attendance of over 350 people including our members, spouses and guests……

Our guest speaker from Ujjain was the renowned clap therapist Arun Rishi. The hall filled in slowly but steadily ….he kept the crowd participative and mesmerized. Everybody seemed to listen with keen interest as he kept his lecture backed up by interesting facts and generous doses of humour…….

His USP – “Clap 15 seconds a day, keep the doctor away”. He explained to the crowd how clapping coupled with rubbing your soles for a minute daily, is a full fledged self management plan…………….

He explained that in a poor country like India most cannot afford expensive medicines and that the remedy for all diseases including heart problems is right there in our hands…….He gave solutions for longevity by following simple habits – no usage of tea, coffee, toothpaste, shaving cream, shampoo, soap etc.

He gave alternatives to the above and endorsed that not using toothpaste and using mustard oil, non iodized salt and turmeric powder will make our teeth so strong ….that our soul would depart mother earth but we would leave behind our set of 32 teeth………..Giving auto commands to our body and acknowledging our heart and sitting in the namaaz position while eating our meals will take most of our ailments away……Being positive in life will result in happiness for ourselves but also bring about world peace……….

For those who missed the talk and would like to know more can visit his website and to buy his book please contact Alok Goenka.

– Anula Goenka

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