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Life after Death

March 19, 2013 divider image

The regular meeting of Thursday the 14th March 2013 had PDG Prakash Shesh M.Sc.(I.I.T.), D.B.M. (I.I.M. Ahemadabad), a leading management trainer speaking on ‘Life after death. Death occurs when the heart stops and brain is dead. In other words any kind of correlation of the body with energy comes to an end.

In 1901, Duncan Mc Donald carried out a scientific study to measure the weight of the soul, by weighing several bodies before and after death and came to a conclusion that average weight of the soul is 21 grams. This study was completely invalidated by fellow scientists.

Hindu religion is the only religion to believe in “After Life” and “Before Life”, meaning thereby re-incarnation or rebirth. Garud Purana – the one that was narrated by Lord Vishnu to his carrier Garuda, exclusively deals with ‘Life After Death’ in sixteen chapters. One of the chapters includes in detail’ who will become a Ghost?’ There are sixteen reasons enumerated such as – one who ill-treats his wife, one who kills a cow, one who consumes liquor……………… and the list goes on and on. It is stated that if one dies with unfulfilled dreams, he becomes a ghost. How can ‘atma’ remember, what did the brain store before death? The speaker posed a question.

Other religions like Christianity mention purgatory. Islam- 8 gates of Jannat and 7 layers in Jahannum. Buddhism talks about ‘life after death’ based on one’s own karma, in this life. (Without mentioning the presence of God of course). Parsees – in their religion believe that the soul lingers for 3 days and when it opens its eyes only to find an old hag around, that is the outcome of ‘bad deeds’ and if it finds a beautiful woman in the vicinity that is the result of ‘good deeds’.

It is unbelievable, but true that even the scientists of ISRO, keep the model of a vehicle for almost Two Months before its launching at Tirupati Balaji for ensuring success. The only conclusion that can be drawn is “all of us are sold on immortality” – said the speaker. The religion identified this need and delivered the package. It knocks death off terror. Thirdly all the rebirth cases reported are primarily by Hindus.

Ms Penny Sartori – a nurse, who worked in an Intensive Care Unit in a British Hospital-, documented reports of the patients who died momentarily and regained life. These are near death experiences as the heart stops and brain is still working. All of them saw bright light. Ian Stevenson of University of Virginia School of Medicine presented twenty suggestive cases of reincarnation. But his exclusive research could not prove his theory.

Dr. Brian Weiss, Chairman Emeritus of the Department of Psychiatry at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami has propounded his theory of ‘Past life regression’ and he is the author of bestseller “Many Lives Many Masters”. His efforts are also unproved and not substantiated by concrete evidences. His recent theory is ‘Future Life Progression‘. It states that ‘all the souls are recuperated before they are resurrected’.

In conclusion, the speaker stated his opinion as:

  1. Brain is Kaleidoscope; it makes you believe all the things that are temporary.
  2. Most of the time we give importance to that factor of eventuality (one percent), out of fear and keep following it for ex-lest, I may become a ghost.
  3. Please give importance to statistics. Go for facts and figures only.
  4. Donate your organs, the only good, logical and authentic way of ‘living after death’.

It was a well researched speech. Rtn. Bharat Goenka introduced the speaker and Rtn. Vindhya Sanjana offered vote of thanks.

– Sharad Bhave


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