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Khushnoor S Chugh

September 1, 2015 divider image

We in Rotary, have a dream……


It’s to bring to India Literacy, Sanitation and Hygiene of the highest order. It’s not a Utopian dream, one knows. But, it’s a dream which will require myriad hands and minds to work in unison to make this dream a reality.


That is why NGO’s like Rotary have set up RILM (Rotary India Literacy Mission). Rotary has set to work in right earnest  ; to set right the wrongs and provide the missing links. When our teams fanned out to take a look at the rural schools, it was an eye-opener. Structures in the name of schools were there; there were some desks and benches in the name of furniture in some schools, toilets were an utter mess to say the least !  The commonality, however, was the lack of teachers . Pitiable !


The students, who are the heart –beat of any school were there. From the way their faces lit up on seeing us visitors to the way they bade us good-bye , we could sense there was a spark in them waiting to be ignited. That’s the similarity in all kids. Even nearer home, when we visit our Interact schools which are well equipped with all the paraphernalia, we feel the need to motivate the students. Children everywhere are the same. Their enthusiasm is palpable. They are all malleable and they are ready to go that extra mile to make a difference to themselves or to someone , somewhere ! If only we , as parents , teachers, Rotarians take it upon ourselves note to lose out on the precious years of these invaluable children.


It’s up to us to capture their innocence, utilize their positive energy  and  motivate them to do the right thing at the right time. Let us all work together towards giving our generation next HAPPY SCHOOLS. Let us nurture these young lives in such a way that they become WORTHY CITIZENS . Let us teach these young hands to mould their future. Let us train these young minds to distinguish between right and wrong .After all, they are a gift to us. Can WE not be a gift to them ?

Khushnoor S. Chugh

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