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Khushnoor S. Chugh

April 11, 2016 divider image

March just marched off ! Thankfully, well !!

The month of March signifies a time of new growth. So has it been for our Club. The long, thought- out projects came to fruition; all thanks to our diligent Directors, Chairpersons and generous sponsors.

It gives me great pride to write about the Dialysis Unit set up at a private hospital and also the starting of work at a watershed project in Krishnapur in Yavatmal Dist. While the former will help with affordable medical help, the later will ignite a hope of a better future in the impoverished farmer.

A recce of the water- starved area was an eye –opener. We walked through the dry cotton fields where the parched soil, through its cracks, cried out with thirst. The suffering villagers dug holes to get water for their daily needs. The sorry scenario brought before us what we had heard and read about. Indeed, the long-suffering farmers of this region needed respite. Very obviously, it was a desperate condition, in need of urgent attention and help. The solution clearly lies in making farming profitable through reliable low-cost irrigational facilities which can be easily maintained. So, we decided, that, with whatever funds we had at our disposal, we would gift these tillers of Mother Earth what they needed the most. WATER.

WATER is what these fields need to come to bloom and also bring to bloom the dreams and wishes of the men who sweat it out to give us our food. To give these farmers a push for their growth and expansion, what we propose to do is to create saucer-shaped water storage structures within the stream covering a distance of four kilometers .This cost-effective, long-term project would go a long way in bringing greenery back to the fields in an area of 480 hectares of land. The project will help a population of more than 3000 and 3000 cattle heads. Besides, it will recharge wells and raise the water table which will lead to further agricultural development.

In the pages that follow, see for yourself what it is like NOW ; what we plan to do and what it will be like in the near future. See what our gift to the world will be.

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