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Khushnoor S. Chugh

February 5, 2016 divider image

The month of January 2016 saw a steep incline in our activities. Back to back projects, involving a high level of participation, planning and implementation from the beginning to the end, has virtually catapulted our Rotarians into  super efficient, service-minded managers.

From Hemalkasa Surgical Camp at the beginning of the month to RYLA to Walkathon at the fag- end; all heavy on expenditure, efforts and energy were successfully completed with the help of our generous sponsors and ever-willing Rotarians.

As President of the Club, I am overwhelmed and feel highly indebted to all those who helped, in small or large measure, to make each project memorable. Memorable, in different ways. Some touching the heart  and some perking up the mind. But all such that one wants to keep  them etched  on the mind forever.  From soothing frayed nerves to settling the waves of turmoil to celebrating when we pulled through  the odds and emerged smiling; are all lessons in human relations.

At the end of it all, it is the effectiveness of the work that matters. Let’s make it our mantra to maintain the momentum we have gained and continue to deliver to the community. Let’s not rest on our laurels but set new benchmarks. Let’s make our membership to this organization the means to an end which  is service for the larger good. Let’s strive to keep up the good name of  OUR CLUB .

Let’s keep working for now is not the time to rest. We are doers and let’s continue to be so!

Let’s Be a Gift to the World!

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