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Khushnoor S.Chugh

December 4, 2015 divider image

Rotary themes over the years have been interesting as they have been inspiring !With every passing year as a new one hits the Rotary horizon, one realizes these themes are so finely threaded and inter-woven in the Rotary fabric that it seems like a story unfolding…it seems like a formula for fulfilling and gratifying life!

As we tread the Rotary path, we ‘Show Rotary Cares’, ‘ Rotary Shares ‘ because ‘Mankind is our Business’. When you ‘Lend a Hand’, ‘You be a Friend’. And, when you have a friend, ‘You Look  Beyond Yourself’. ‘Create Awareness Take Action’ and you ‘Light up the World’ and ‘Make dreams Real’.

Rotarians world over, year after year, focus on the theme and try their best to live up to its tone and tenor. With Rotary’s purpose remaining the same, the stance changes from year to year.

We too are striving hard to ‘Be a Gift to the World’. We know the needs are plenty and Rotary has its reach far and wide to be able to make gifting a way of life. For this, we need to reach out to those who have generosity of head and heart, the ability to think beyond oneself and the wisdom to look beyond the moment.

With a membership of over 380 , ours is the second largest Club in the country. So, that many pairs of hands at our disposal; to work, garner funds and disburse! Let’s search our hearts and minds; let’s shake ourselves out of our stupor and ask just one question: WHAT HAVE I DONE WITH MY MEMBERSHIP IN ROTARY? Then, listen to your heart and you will get the answer. Be truthful with yourself.

As I write this, my thoughts take me back to my school days and Girl Guides. And the lines of the song we sang then, come rushing back. They seem so true even today. In the Rotary context, these could be…

Softly at the close of day,

As  the months fade away.

Silently each Rotarian should ask,

“Have I done my Rotary task?

Have I kept my honour bright?

Can I guiltless sleep tonight?

Have I done and have I dared

Everything  to be prepared?


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