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Khushnoor Chugh

August 8, 2015 divider image

At the stroke of the midnight hour of June 30, 2015, the world prepared itself with open arms as Rotarians all over the world readied themselves to ‘BE A GIFT TO THE WORLD.’

In Rotary, one year seamlessly slips into the next. There is a change of guard but the time-tested systems stand guard. This year was no different. Keeping up with the Rotary wheel in its fast and furious mode, our Club touched the finishing line and took off once again. Even before one could say, ‘On your mark….get set…go….’ our Rotary sprinters were well on their way. On their way, to start the jobs they had scouted around for. On their way, to scurry further into the mammoth ocean of opportunities to serve, to gift.

The Rotary Year began with a bang as usual. The hoardings were up to showcase the work done by Rotary; Project Nutrition started. Fruit trees were planted and Neem seeds distributed. Vocational Training and Blood donation camps commenced. Interact installations started in right earnest. A major event, LITERACY WINS was ably organized for the President’s Enclave by our Club. Shramdaan at Ramnagar was a maiden attempt by our Club to clean up a public ground and awaken the slumbering authorities. Our good Samaritans also stepped forward with their timely and generous contributions to enable us to get started. Uniforms and books have already been distributed to the needy students.  All these activities are covered in detail in the inside pages.

Such are our members!!  Committed, enthusiastic, forthcoming.  Ever-willing to pitch in – physically and financially! It is because of this solid support that we one can dedicate oneself to improve the living conditions of the vulnerable. With fervour and fellowship, we can seek out new needs in our community and address them.

The month of July has zipped past. Thankfully, very well! Our hands have been full with work; our hearts with the warmth of fellowship and new bonds. With eleven months to go, one knows the calendar is full and the diary overflowing with to-do lists.

In the months that follow, our dream is to make a lasting difference in our environment, in our communities, in our schools. Our vision is to engage our youth in meaningful activities to channelize their youthful strength, energy and verve. We want to make sure that Rotary continues to light up the world.

May we strike new bonds, build new friendships, serve the deserving and let the world know that ROTARY IS THERE .ROTARY IS FUN. ROTARY IS DOING GOOD WORK. May we indeed be able to ‘Be a Gift to the World’!


Khushnoor S.Chugh


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