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Katha Kathan is back with it’s meaningful message, the master at his best.

June 3, 2015 divider image

Wishing you a wonderful day, Rotary family !

So we are into the last month of this Rotary year, time to relax for us, not yet, lot of club events still left. Lot of winding up activities still left.

Get ready for the Joint club Assembly to be held on June 7th at Hotel LB, Mount Road, Sadar. We have a five star breakfast waiting for you from 8:45 to 9:30, and the meeting will be called to order sharp at 9:30. The dynamic board 14-15 along with their Best Class Chairpersons would be making their presentations for the last time. The new board 15-16 and their Chairpersons would also be in attendance, getting inspired to put in a much better performance in the coming year. We will try to finish by 11 am so that you can go back home to enjoy the Sunday with your family.

The LADIES NITE fellowship  originally planned for April is finally taking shape, thank God. I attended the practices yesterday and was impressed with the dedication of our members in the rehearsals for the big event. There is maturity and prowess in their acting and the ladies have put their best foot forward in their dance. On the flip side I can assure you of a razzmatazz evening of fun, masti, music, dance, gourmet food and fellowship. Plan for the June 7th evening and bring in your family too but please voluntarily pay your Guest Charges this time. It is very embarrassing for our hard working Treasurer Kapil to personally follow up on the ones who did not pay for the services enjoyed by them.

This evening we have a master story teller amongst us, one of the best, a prolific motivational speaker that he is, our senior Rtn Vilas Kale will regale you all in his inimitable style, he has two wonderful stories based on real life incidents. After them he will go on to one with anecdotes. I can just share with you that you will get immersed in his stories and start feeling it. Our Director Program Rina Sinha felt that in the last month let us have programs which interest, fascinate and involve our members.

So here we are with first one,and would like you to be there today to enjoy the same. Yes we have also have the goodies table waiting for you.

Bharat Goenka


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