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Installation Ceremony 2011

July 9, 2011 divider image

“For the first time in 66 years, our club has a good looking President!” These words by PP Shabbir Shakir in his introduction of the incumbent president summed up in toto the gala that was the installation ceremony of our club on Thursday, 7th July 2011. Everything about the evening was good looking …. Right from the décor to the ambience to the people to the presentations …. down to the fellowship and cuisine!

Any other evening stretching into an official 2 hours 45 minutes (plus or minus 30 minutes depending on the content and stamina of the speakers) would begin to peter out after the first half hour, but not in The Rotary Club of Nagpur. Everything worked with clockwork precision and one thing fused well into the other as the evening progressed. The Millennium Hall at Hotel Centre Point was choc-a-bloc full with the who’s-who of the city and district, including the District Governor, Presidents and Secretaries of Sister clubs, officers, patrons, press representatives, donors, organization representatives, school principals, Rotarians, Annes and families.

Every speaker / presenter dispensed his/her duties efficiently. Outgoing President Ganesh seemed a relieved and grateful man as he recounted his year in office, the successes registered by his team and even recognized and awarded the stars who put that smile on his face.

Incumbent President Tauby outlined her vision for the year, in keeping with the RI theme “Reach within to embrace humanity”. She then proceeded to introduce her dynamic team to the audience and accepted the mammoth responsibility of leading the club for the year 2011-12.

Among the notable awardees were Shri Krishnakumar who was the recipient of the PRID Eduljee Memorial Vocational Excellence Award and Shri Bhupinder Dev Thapar who was the recipient of the PP Late Rtn. Himmatbhai Thaker Outstanding Citizen Award. The occasion also saw the release of the award-winning club magazine Golden Orange, new club roster and revamped club website

After a rousing rendition of the National Anthem, the meeting was called off for the audience to participate in the now legendary fellowship and dinner of the Rotary Club of Nagpur.

Rtn. Sohrab Kanga

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