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Inheritance Of A Medicine Box

October 22, 2012 divider image

18th Oct, Thursday’s Regular Meeting, a gripping lecture, with Mr.S.Kumar shooting his pearls of wisdom was an anodyne for the audience. Mr S. Kumar, an applied Nutrition Biochemist & family diet, is a consultant to various well known families, including that of the former President of India. It seems, his ‘Thirty years ka experience’ was quite helpful and also he effectively condensed & conveyed all his expertise very effectively in half an hour.

Publishing a book, “Yes Milk! Ab No Milk!!” [Foreword by Mrs. Maneka Gandhi], and then talking about it, helped him bust the myths of Indian traditional diet very effectively. Mr. Kumar has delivered approximately 350 lectures till date and average time required for each one was 5 hours.

Our very dear Rotarian Ha-Ha-Halok Goenka introduced him with his unmatched wit. Mr.Kumar proposed ‘Diet as a Therapy’ and not ‘Diet as a Medicine’ and was quite sure that the acceptance of his studies is only a matter of time. His studies are based on the foundation of Pantheism & Cosmography for eg. As adult animals don’t drink milk so should the human adults avoid consuming any milk, neither does any animal drink the milk of another animal, so it should hold true for the humans too. Keeping basis as Science, he said since Anatomy & Life style of a cow is different from that of a human being, hence the milk produced by the cow is unfit for human consumption & contrary to the popular belief, it erodes Calcium from the bones.

So Milk, Sugar, Salt, Curd is bad for the human health and neither should you ever let a Baker complete his dozen. He made an interesting comparison between the milk consumption patterns of other countries and India and presented statistics on the Osteoporosis.

As to, what is to be had? He said, it was okay to have Rice Bran Oil, Ghee, Fresh Homemade Butter, Jaggery , Rock salt & Unpolished Rice.

He also presented statistics based on SFA/MUFA/PUFA, which are present in the edible oils and the levels that are ideal for consumption. He summed up saying that with his method a person would be able to leave for the heavenly abode, without leaving his bedside medicine box as inheritance.

Rtn. Sunil Thapar proposed a Vote of thanks with a smile, pointing out that, amongst all the animal species only the Human Beings are capable of smiling.

– Kiran Rathod

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