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Hemalkasa Surgical Camp 2015-16

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A Surgical Camp, a Flagship Project, Rotary’s Annual Picnic, call it what you may, ultimately it is a Pilgrimage – an experience of a lifetime, for those who visit it, not only for the first time but time and again, year after year. From a jeep full of Doctors and non medicos to 100 plus in 2 buses, 2 matadors and some 7-8 cars, from a tin shed, to more than a 100 bedded hospital, from mud roads that took more than 16 hours, to a barely 8 hrs on a good tar road all through, it has evolved. And how?

We, from the Rotary Club of Nagpur, await this project all year through. Year after year our chairpersons both Medical and Non Medical spend months on working out the logistics. Every year we manage to do something new; adding some new feature to this- all time beautiful experience. This year also we had 30 plus Rotarians with 9 or 10 first timers. Rotaractors from IGGMC and Tuli College of Hotel Management. Director Non Medical, Namita Sharma and her team of energetic and enthusiastic young Rotarians   langar for the relatives of the patients.  A RYLA and Bal-Mela was organized for the 700 children of the school.10 games including a huge jumper were made available to the kids. Paav Bhaji, Pulao, Paani Poori and Cream rolls were for them to eat.

The glee and smiles on the faces of the kids, their teachers, their parents, had to be seen to be believed. Prizes, gifts,certificates of merit, you name it and it was there. Sweaters were distributed as well. All this, thanks to President Khushnoor who encouraged the chairpersons and gave them a free hand to work to their hearts content.

But none of this would have been possible without Mahindra and Mahindra who have been sponsoring the surgical Camp for the last 9 years. This year, their sponsorship was to the tune of Rs.7 Lakhs. Some of the employees not only attended the Camp but also worked hand in hand with the Rotarians.

This year, the Bapuna Group with a generous donation of Rs.3.5 Lakhs along with consumables sponsored the non-medical activities during the camp.



The committed team of doctors comprising mostly surgeons, anesthetists ophthalmologists, gynecologists, dental surgeons, radiologist, pathologists, physicians and paramedics were able to perform a list of successful surgeries on two days. The break up of surgical cases is as follows:

The General Surgeries were done as follows;

  • Gynaec – 7
  • Congenital hernia – 14
  • Thyroid – 10
  • Parotid – 2
  • Urology  – 6
  • Plastic Surgery – 5
  • Minors – 21
  • Hydrocele – 10
  • Others – 4 Tongue tie, Undecended testis, bronchial fistula, Pull thyroid.

The ophthalmic surgeries were done as follows;

  • 52 cataracts
  • 5 Pterygium surgery

The dental procedures and surgeries done were as follows;

  • 40 Patients examined
  • 4 patients treated for root canal
  • 5 patients treated for extraction of teeth
  • 8 patients treated for scaling.
  • Cleft lip correction surgery,
  • Tongue-tie reliving surgery,
  • Removal of impacted 3rd molar and6 fillings.

Besides these surgeries, about 145 young girls of 11-15 yrs. of age were vaccinated for rubella.

The project was implemented under the leadership and guidance of RCN President Ms Khushnoor Chugh, Secretary Parag Paranjpe, Director Medical Dr Rizwan Haq and Director non -medical Ms Namita Sharma. Chairpersons Dr Iqbal Khan, Dr Arti Anand, Dr Rafat Khan and Dr Shivani Bidaye worked hard for the success of this camp. Our senior surgeon Rtn Dr Surjit Hazra along with Rtn Drs Rajesh Singhvi ,Raju Wilkinson ,Rajesh Singhania and Inderjeet Mulik were instrumental in planning and execution of the surgical camp. Opthalmic Surgeons Rtns Drs Shivani Bidaye and Dr Shaunak mokadam led the eye surgeries camp. Dental team was led by Rtn Dr Anil Choudhary along with IDA Nagpur president Dr Zubair Qazi . Rtns Drs Anne Wilkinson and Jerestin Watchmaker along with PP Vijay Naidu monitored the list of surgeries. Doctors from Rotary family who attended and gave a supportive hand were Drs Sabiha Maimoon , Nikunj Pawar , Smita and Ravi Deshmukh. Lubna Haq , Abhijit Hazra and Ms Aryanka Rathod. Mr Kamlesh Daga and Shri Sanjay Malani of Plasti Surge Industries deserve special mention for their regular support of surgiwears. The rotaractors from IGMC and Tuli college and interns from Lata Mangeshkar hospital were of great help.

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