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Hemalkasa Surgical Camp (5th – 8th Jan 2012)

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Mr Shenoy of Mahindra & Mahindra doing the Puja

The 350 km long journey to our annual pilgrimage at Bhamragarh started after pooja and flag off by Mr. Shinoy, Vice-President Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., from our President Tauby’s residence on 5th January 2012. A team of nearly 55 Rotarian and non Rotarian doctors and dentists from S.V.M.M along with Residents & 10 Rotaractors from IGGMC were part of the medical team. They were ably assisted by 10 trained nursing staff from Care Hospital, Getwell Hospital, Suretech Hospital & Anjani Eye Hospital.

The enthusiasm with which this annual pilgrimage is undertaken was evident ,and though the unseasonable high temperatures, made the journey long, hot and tiring, everyone seemed to be in high gig and there was free flow of masti ,maja and music and it was made very enjoyable by the Rotractors in the bus with the ‘antakshri’. Enroute, we had brief stops at Sudhir Bhiwapurkar’s farm at Bhiwapur for hot ‘aloo poha n chai’, then for lunch at Shabbir Vali’s farm house at Gadchiroli and after a brief halt at Allapali for tea, we reached Hemalkasa at 6 pm.

Lok Biradari Prakalp campus entrance — at Hemalkasa, Bhamragarh.

On reaching our destination Dr. Surajit Hazra got busy scheduling the surgeries for the next day, Dr. Aarti Anand screened patients that needed radiological investigations and the Anaesthetists’ set up their apparatus in the O.T for the next day.

On the 6 th morning, in giant vessels tasty langar of rice with mixed vegetable curry was prepared to feed around 350 patients and their wards. Distribution was commenced at the hands of Shri Prakash & Mandatai Amte.

Our mini brigade of 13 surgeons, including urosurgeon, neurosurgeon, plastic surgeon and orthopaedic surgeon, 11 anaesthesiologists, 5 gynaecologists, 6 Ophthalmologists, 10 Dental Surgeons, 4 radiologists and 4 pathologists started on their respective duties and were kept busy on their toes till late evening of 7th January. Each one contributing to their best ability, till they were exhausted but satisfied……..yet unhappy to turn down few enlisted patients.

Surgeons at work

The Anaesthetist team headed by Dr. Bhau Rajurkar adminstered Epidural Anaesthesia which hastened the turn over and he was omnipresent in the O.T to prevent any mishaps. The radiological team headed by Dr. Aarti Anand and ably assisted by Dr. Manish Pithwa, Dr. Sachin Kumbhar and Dr. Ajit Karambelkar screened nearly 25 patients for Ultrasound and performed IVP too; specimen collection for Histopathology was done by Dr. Anne Wilkinson and Dr. Ruchi Bansal. Nearly 30 blood units were transfused at the camp and the services provided by Jeevan Jyoti Blood bank Technician is appreciated. Dr. Sheela Mundhada played a vital role in instructing IGGMC Rotaractors about post operative care and took the responsibility of overseeing this crucial aspect.,. .all the post operative patients have been discharged in healthy condition. The registration table was attended by Dr. Anne Wilkinson, Dr. Aarti Anand, Vijay Naidu, Reema Sial and Dr. Jerestin Watchmaker.

A 20 kg tumor removed. of the most complicated operations at the camp

List of Surgical procedures done:

  1. Hernioplasty 38
  2. Congenital hernia corrections 15
  3. Appendicectomy 7
  4. Thyroid goiter / lobectomy 8
  5. Kidney / ureteric / vesicular / gall bladder stone removals 8
  6. Total Abdominal Hysterectomies 16
  7. Plastic Burn contracture repairs 6
  8. Orthopedic cases:
    • TA lengthening and release 1
    • Ganglion excision 1
  9. Mastectomy 5
  10. Minor surgeries including cyst removal, Fibroadenomas, vasovasotomy,epigastric,and mesentric hernia corrections 11
  11. Ophthalmology cases
    • Cataract with IOL implantation 120
    • Pterygium Excisions 2
  12. Dental Procedures 57

57 dental procedures as enlisted below were performed by the dental team headed by Dr. Anil Chaudhary.  Cleaning (14); Root canal opening (8);  Temporary filling (2); Extractions (11); Minor surgeries which include disimpaction(3) and biopsies (2) and special cases of AV malformation correction (1) and 16 cases of CA were screened.

Rt’ann. Sadhana Paliwal and her dedicated team conducted the vocational training activities like drawing & Rangoli competition, mala making etc., at the Ashram shala, involving children from std. I to std. XII. Training in General Repairs & Maintenance of Sewing Machines was given to a group of five ladies of the prakalp and some machines were also repaired & overhauled.

vocational training activities

A mini-Sports event was organised with 26 events and prizes were awarded to 3 students for each event.The prize distribution was held at the hands of Mrs and Mr Shinoy of Mahindra and Mahindra, Mandatai and Aniket Amte. School uniforms and food packets were also distributed for the entire 660 students of the Prakalp school at their hands. The Project Roshni committee donated 50 solar lights to villagers having no electricity. The function concluded with Mr Shinoy’s heart-warming and emotional speech to the students of the Ashram Shala.

Purchasing, collection and packing of medical stock was done by Dr. Jerestin Watchmaker and Dr. Shaunak Mokadam at Anjani Eye Hospital. A generous donation of Disposable gowns, masks , was received from M/S PSI Amravati through efforts of Rtn Atul Shah.

The camp was supported by a major grant from Mahindra & Mahindra ESOPS; and other philanthropists, and of course the members of Rotary Club of Nagpur.

All the photos from Surgical Camp can be viewed here.

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