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Gurukul 2013 – RYLA

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A serene farm environment + 42 young minds + 2 of the best trainers our club can offer.

A very appropriate mix for our Rotary Youth Leadership Awards program for the year,  GURUKUL 2013. At the onset the the plan of the RYLA team was to deliver our young minds the best in leadership development and training. The training for the program was handled by Rtn Mahendra Kamath and Rtn Rajendra Jaiswal. The planning for the program took almost a month.

The students were divided into 4 groups

  1. The Leading Lights
  2. Tapori Gang
  3. The Rich and Famous
  4. The Super Stars

Team building is one of the major challenge in leadership skill. Therefore, all the teams have allocated specific tasks throughout the program covering technical sessions, organisation of various tasks like maintaining discipline, food arrangement, morning wake up & work outs, social evening, bonfire & night trekking etc. to test the synergy of the group and testing of leadership skills. These groups were allotted to the students a day before departure so that they can prepare themselves. The requirements and expectations were also mailed to them beforehand.

DAY 1 (21st Dec 2013)

The venue at Shivpriya Farms at village Ketapar gave the setting of a Gurukul. The training venue was modified into a Indian style setting for the Shishyas. The Reporting time for departure to venue was 7 am. 42 Students of various Rotaract Clubs of the Rotary Club of Nagpur departed in 2 school buses at 7.30 am to the venue.

On arrival at the venue the Shishyas was greeted by a sumptuous breakfast. After breakfast and settling down in their rooms, all arrived for the inauguration session. President Prashant Kale welcomed the Rotaractors and in his address told them to take advantage of the sessions that were to take place. Then trainers took charge of the program giving dramatic opening.  Sessions on Goal Setting, Leadership traits, communication and Effective Public Speaking took place. The sessions included theory and games so that the fundamentals of the topic could be understood by the students easily.  In between the session,  traditional lunch and high tea were served to the participants. Then came the fun part in the form of various team games like tug of war, treasure hunt along with Tractor and bullock cart ride. It was heartening to see the participants going all out to make their team win.


Elections for the post of Leader of Leaders was declared for next day and nominations were invited from the 4 groups for the same. And the time was given for preparation of the Cultural evening. A 20 minute presentation was expected from each group depicting the theme of the group. The presentation should include a skit, dance, song and comedy.

Dinner followed and we were joined by a host of Rotarians and IYE students. Rtn Mamta Jaiswal &  Manish Jaiswal accompanied the students. We were also joined by Manju & Sunil Bhatia, Mamta and Manjot Kahai, First Lady Smita and President Prashant Kale, Rt.Anns Nisha Kamath & Hetal Sampat. The students gave an excellent cultural presentation.

Then, the adventure of the day – the Night Trek. It was a great experience for all participants to trek in the wilderness. Hot milk was served to all after the return from trek at the bonfire before calling it a day.

But homework to prepare for the campaign was given and most of the night was spent preparing charts and candidate speeches for the next day. The girls were busy in their dorm and the guys in their own. We could hear noises of the preparation for most of the night.

DAY 2 (22nd Dec 2013)

Wake up at 5:30 am. This was followed by an exercise session hosted by one of the teams. After freshening up the teams then got ready for the campaign. Votes were asked from all present to ensure the candidates victory.

In midst of all this, technical sessions on thinking out of the box and team building were held. The students were enlightened about various aspects of leadership challenges which shall be faced by them in their lives. The day 2 was was very lively as multiple activities were going on. On one side the elections and on the other side sessions and if that was not sufficient, the teams were performing tasks allocated to them as regards to Discipline , cleanliness & food serving. One could see the speeches being prepared and written ,then discarded and rewritten. This was a fun side to watch. We saw votes being promised and all the students forgot that they belonged to colleges, they only remembered that they belong to a Group which had to win the election.

The candidate platform saw the practicality of all Leadership Training. We saw Rotaractors delivering speeches more confidently and playing bigger and clear roles in their teams, which we aimed to achieve. It was indeed a feeling of great satisfaction to see the Rotaractors get out of their shells and taking roles in their teams. We saw a few of them delivering very confident speeches.

The sessions after lunch also saw a drastic change in the atmosphere of the participants. More involvement, lesser inhibitions to participate and much better delivery of  Public speaking skills of Rotaractors could be seen.


We were joined by Rtn Akash Agrawal, Aeyjaz Akolawala, Litesh Thakkar and Dinesh Naidu in the late morning session and later towards the concluding session President Elect Rtn Bharat Goenka and PP Rtn Vijay Naidu also made their presence felt.

The concluding session was a session on achieving EXCELLENCE where trainers gave tips on having win win attitude and how to succeed in life. In the  Valedictory function all the participant students  were awarded a GURUKUL 2013 completion certificate along with individual assessment of their strength & weaknesses.  Prizes were distributed at the hands of our President Rtn  Prashant Kale , Rtn Bharat Goenka and Rtn Vijay Naidu. Result of election was also declared at everybody was surprised to see that an unlikely leader got elected defeating many strong candidates. He was awarded the scroll of leadership signed by each participants. Awards were given to outstanding participants and outstanding performers.

It was great to see Mahendra and Rajendra take up the concept and present it to us in such an efficient and simple manner. Hats off to them as it was nothing short of Genius. A big Thanks to them. How can we forget the contribution of Manisha & Sanjay Agrawal, Pinki Batra and Nisha Kamath they spent the entire two days of the event with us taking care of the students and helping the various teams out with their tasks.  We also cannot forget the immense help and support given by Namita. She was great help for entire program. The program would not have been completed without full support and dedication of director Jatin Sampat. His single minded pursuit for it helped to bring everybody on the board and deliver beyond  expectations.  The Presidents of Rotaract Clubs and  the teacher in charges were also a great help in the collecting of participation. Amitabha Sharma and Indrajeet Mulick , Rotaract Committee  Chairs – Sapna, Litesh & Shalini deserve many thanks for silently working behind the scene. Big thanks to President Prashant Kale and entire board for keeping faith and supporting the project.

All in all a great event with great implications for the youth – our leaders of the future. GURUKUL 2013 promised to be an event which would be unforgettable and it delivered to the effect. It was a great learning experience for all the participants and also for those who delivered it. We have developed great friendship. We look forward to GURUKUL 2014 and its participants………….




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