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Energy Security Scenario in Our Country

August 24, 2011 divider image

Regular Meeting: 18th August 2011

K C VIjh, Ex CMD of Western Coal Fields Ltd and our longstanding member, delivered a talk at the Club’s  Regular Meeting on 18th August. A heavy and serious subject was lightly explained and made interesting.Coal remains the fuel which propels more than 60% of the energy requirements of our country. K C Vijh is an expert in the coal mining sector with an in-depth knowledge on the subject. Having headed one of the largest coal producing companies in the Public Sector, he provided an insider’s view of the opportunities and challenges in the sector. With the increasing awareness on environmental concerns, issues relating to land acquisition, governmental clearances and forest diversions, the country and the world has to look for reducing its dependence on fossil fuels and develop cleaner technologies.

Mr Vijh took us through few alternate technologies like offshore and sea bed fuels, tapping the methane and other underground gasses which would, in the future be our source of energy. Taking everybody by surprise he also stressed that Nuclear Energy is wrongly perceived as unsafe and with the fourth generation reactors, which are extremely safe and reliable, this would emerge as a vital source of energy which is clean and does not harm the earth resources.

Bharat Goenka introduced the unassuming and soft-spoken Rtn Vijh & surprised the members with his long list of qualifications, vast experience and eminence in the industry. The talk was followed by an interesting question answer session. Naushad Bhagwagar proposed the vote of thanks.

Naushad Bhagwagar

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