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Ek Maut Ki Kahani

November 3, 2014 divider image

Date: 30th Oct. 2014

sanjay arora

The meeting was called to order by Pres. Bharat Goenka and half a minute silence was observed. President read out the Four-Way Test to highlight its importance in the lives of Rotarians, which was followed by Birthday and Anniversary wishes for the week. Rtn. Premraj Gupta, who celebrated his 82nd Birthday, was cheered by all.

Announcement for Diwali Fellowship, planned for 12th November, was made by Vice Pres Alok Goenka. Project announcements were made by Rina Sinha, PP Shiraz Gimi, Pres. Bharat (on behalf of Mamta Jaiswal) and Rahul Choudhary for Ladies committee, Mentoring committee, District events and annual Interact meet respectively.

Guest for the day was Rtn. Sanjay Arora, Past President of RC of Nagpur North and renowned Branding Guru of Nagpur. He was formally introduced by Akash Agrawal and the topic chosen for the day was very unique – Ek Maut ki Kahani – in the sense that this is something we generally avoid talking about. Sanjay, an avid reader, shared some teachings of Gautam Buddha while mentioning that they are compiled in 423 ‘sutras’ & 26 ‘adhayas’. These are in the form of short but true stories or we can say based on observations of Gautam Buddha, which stand true even to this date.

The speaker spoke in chaste Hindi and the Rotarians present were impressed with his impeccable deliver and knowledge. Buddha never used to stay at one place, except in monsoon, he said. Rtn. Sanjay narrated story of a young businessman, during Gautam Buddha’s time, to drive home the point – how ‘abhishaap’ turned into an ‘ashirvaad’ and that Death is the only truth. He also went on to say that our journey does not end with death but that it actually begins, in the realm of spirituality. ‘Samadhi’ is the ultimate stage that a spiritualist attains to reach and ‘Dhyan’ is the vehicle for this. We have to accept the truth of our life, which is Death. With every passing Birthday we celebrate, we are coming closer to death. We all look for small goals in life and in the process ignore the final destination. Once a Jesus follower asked him while dying, ’what is special about kingdom of God’. Jesus replied ‘There shall be time no more’. Here Hindu and Christian culture meets.

The audience was spellbound. Being influenced by the speaker’s choice of Hindi as a language, Rtn. Abhinav Fatehpuria proposed ‘vote of thanks’ in Hindi. Sunshine box collection was announced and the meeting adjourned after singing of National Anthem.


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