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District Interact Meet

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The morning of 30th October was welcomed with chirpy radiant faces of 172 interactors all awaiting eagerly outside SAINT URSULA SCHOOL to board the buses that would take them to JAIN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL for three days of fun learning. With great eagerness the children reached the premises of the school. Here they were allotted their respective rooms and their house colors – Crusaders (red), Warriors (green), Knights (blue)  and Sun Risers (yellow) and were fed with a hearty breakfast. Then came the formal introduction with the opening address by Rt. Ann.Sonal Singhvi, a short note by our President Rtn. Prashant Kale and very strict but hilarious instructions by the chairperson Rtn.Tushar Singhvi.

Collage Making

The first session of the day was the ice breaking session by PP Rtn. Dhiren Dutta, an enterprising person and an active member of Rotary, he belongs to RID-3040 and is stationed at Bhopal.  He paired up the children and made them play the trust fall game. He made children realize the importance of believing others and sometimes letting oneself go. After lunch the children were actively occupied with the collage activity. The topic given was ‘Motivate Your Thought Process’. And the outcome was like WOW! Children are the creators of most unexpected things from the least resources. Every collage was a lesson in its own. Indeed it appalled all us Rotarians and Rtn. Dhiren Dutta the presider of this session.

And then came the activities that set the ball rolling. Sports, sports and more sports. Clothes were quickly changed, sports gears were out and suddenly each and every Interactor seemed to be filled with liveliness. The field and grounds were roaring with cheering sounds from the spectators. From one end came the sound of  “kabaddi kabaddi” and from the other came the yells and shouts of participants in football and volley ball. Reactions were abounding, from laughter to banter from anger to bonding; the atmosphere was electrifying.

Comes the evening tea with snacks followed by the session ‘Team Spirit And Coordination..its importance in the real world’. Night came but much was left to be done. After a sumptuous meal the children prepared for a tableau. The topic was a scene from any mythology. Again the children showed their talents and their attachment to the Indian roots. They depicted various scenes from ‘Mahabharata’s Draupadi Cheerharan’ to ‘Ramayana’s Sita’s Swayamvar’ to ‘Krishna and Radha reveling in the Brindavans and left the viewers awestruck. Rtn. Manju Shahni  was the judge for the event.

And then came the much awaited session..DANCE. It started with Garba and soon it turned into a DJ party. You should see the feet of these young ones move. Even the slightest hesitation among them seemed to dissolve with their movements to the dulcet music. So much was their zeal and enthusiasm that we literally had to push them to their respective beds.

Morning with Zumba

The morning was one which started with a bang! Yes a loud musical body shaking bang! The Zumba teacher Pavan sir, a certified Reebok trainer, made sure that all the sleepy heads were wide awake and it was thrilling to see 172 interactors  moving  to the music beats. With a heady start and warm breakfast, the participants were ready for the day.

The first session was extempore conducted by our very own gifted Rt. Ann. Madhavi Naidu. Topics like ‘should parents check our sms’ or ‘what five things you would carry to a lonely island,’ or ‘do parents realize how difficult it is to be a child these days’ kept the children glued to their seats. Ideas poured out and linguistic skills were given a free flow. The judges for the event were PP Rtn Vijay Naidu and Rt.Ann. Durriya Akolawala. Then came two very significant sessions; the  management game conducted by Ranjit Dani and  the First aid tips by Dr. Jitesh and Dr. Saurabh Barde. Very devotedly the children absorbed all the knowledge that they were receiving. After lunch, the children had a brainstorming  quiz session conducted by Rt. Ann.Durriya Akolawala. Questions were asked from various topics ranging from history to geography and science to general knowledge. The audio video rounds had the children totally captivated. Chocolates were distributed to all the brainy ones in the audience which helped to get more participation

Tug of War

Afternoon was all outdoor games and competitions. Finals for football Volley ball and Kabaddi were played and winners were decided. The human pyramids by the children were a once in a lifetime view. but the tug of war where each and every student put in their entire strength to pull the rope and make their house win was the pinnacle of fun. Once sports were done the mentors took over and started the preparation for the cultural programme.

The icing on the cake was the cultural night.  Sonal singhvi added color to it with her witty compering and timely anecdotes. It started with a sensuous belle dance by two young girls and then there was no looking back. The dance of each house was mesmerizing, from leg shaking ‘lungi dance’ to breath taking ‘disco diwane’. The plays were replete with timely humor and drama and had a social message for all. And the group songs were music to the ears. The quality and standard of the performances were reflected in the loud applause by the awe struck audience. Indeed, these young children are a bag full of surprises. Who could have even guessed that within two hours they could come up with such amazing and breath taking performances. Hats off to all the mentors who made this happen. Also thanks to the eminent panel of judges comprising of Pres.Elect Bharat Goenka and Rtns Manjot Singh Kahai and Kapil Bahari.


The momentum built up by the cultural night continued thereafter. Came in the DJ with his enthralling music and the children were lost in their own sweet dancing world. The Rotarians and the rotaractors  and students all mingled together to enjoy the night moving to the beat of the music.

Next morning began with Zumba again. It was followed by the award ceremony with the knights emerging as winners. Suranjana Roy was awarded the Miss district interact meet and Vinamra Goyal won the Mr district interact meet. After the award ceremony a vote of thanks was given by the chairperson Rtn. Aeyjaz Akolawala and  the children were settled into the buses again and were safely sent back to St. Ursula school grounds where their parents expected them.

Sometimes it is very difficult to measure the success of any program. For the district interact meet the hugs and handshakes and the shedding of tears by few interactors who didn’t want to go back said it all. So kudos to the director Rtn. Jatin Sampat and the three chairpersons Rtns Aeyjaz Akolawala, Tushar Singhvi and Rt. Ann. Mamta Kanga who spent days and nights preparing for this meet. And most importantly a ‘big thank you’ to the benevolent principal of Jain International school Ms. Anmol Barjatia who gave her 100% contribution in this meet. Thanks Rtn. Namita and Rtn Sushma for your help. A big thank you to all the Rotarians and Rotaractors of Rotaract Club of Hislop College who took out time and came to help. It was indeed heartwarming.



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