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Cyber Crime affecting common people

November 15, 2011 divider image

Thursday, 10th November 2011

Yashasvi Yadav

A very interesting topic was lined up for the evening meeting of 10th Nov. The speaker was young and dashing SP-CID Nagpur Mr Yashsavi Yadav who has special interest on the topic of cyber crime. President Tauby greeted members on their birthdays and anniversaries after which PP Vijay Naidu made announcement for coming District Conference in February 2012 at Nagpur and also for the biggest event of Rotary Calendar i.e. RI Convention to be held in May 2012 at Bangkok, Thailand. PP Arun Bahrgava imparted Rotary information where he gave list of Top 10 Rotary Clubs with highest per capita giving to Rotary Foundation. Rtn Jatin Sampat introduced the speaker.

Mr Yadav in his talk emphasized the need to sensitize common people about this monster Frankenstein, as he calls it that is cyber crime. He stressed on the importance of making available all information related to cyber crime in jargon free manner. This according to him will ensure that people understand the implications of minor lapses on their part and the necessity to take proper steps to avoid being a victim of cyber crime. He spoke how cyber crime is impacting the world around us. He gave an example of 26/11 attack in Mumbai. He says we don’t view this attack as cyber crime but a traditional terror attack where few terrorist entered India and killed people. The terrorist from Pakistan used satellite phones, GPS navigation systems, cell phone etc to enter Indian Territory, gain access to all critical places and carried out massacre. But if we had equipped ourselves with tracking devices, used technology and created strong cyber and mobile defence system, this attack might as well be prevented.

Now with technology like 3G etc becoming popular, affordable and easy to access, it is all the more important to take preventive measures. The technology we used daily and take for granted like cell phone, palmtops, wi-fi system for home and office use can be misused by criminals/terrorists without us knowing anything about it which is very scary proposition. There is an urgent need to strengthen nation’s technological defence. He pointed out that there has not been a single terrorist attack in US soil after 9/11. The reason is they have reinforced national security system especially on technology side. US spends close to 5% of its GDP on national security whereas India spends only 0.7%. Irony is most of this defence capabilities in USA have been developed by Indian scientist!!

To common people however there is greater threat from criminals who are now well educated. They are ready to pounce on gullible people by stealing their passwords, data, critical information, bank account details, siphoning off their money from banks and even their identities. There have been innumerable cases where stalking and stealing identity have lead to suicides. Mr Yadav also shared case study from Nagpur where a person used net banking account of other person to withdraw large sums of money. Internationally there have been cases where cyber criminals embezzled hundreds of millions of dollars from various bank accounts. There was an interesting case where an 11 year old boy from Russia diverted the path of NASA satellite!! He also touched upon various terms like Data theft, cyber stalking, hacking, denial of service, logic bombing, war dialing, Trojan horse virus etc. Vote of thanks for this fascinating session was aptly given by in house cyber guru Rtn Sachin Palewar.

Please do join us next Thursday and listen Poonam & Harshawardhan Dhanwatey deliver a talk on “Tigers Beyond Boundaries”

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