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Charter Night Celebrations

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Charter Nite

December the 13th 1944! The date our Club came into being. The day our Club got its Charter officially. Seems like another era. Well it is to a certain extent. 71 long years have passed. The Club has seen some 73 Presidents. Each with a mandate of his own. Each with a personal agenda. There have been ups & downs. Controversies. Accolades. A lot of bouquets & some brick bats too. What is constant though, is The growth. The fellowship. The service. Every President has his/ her soft corners but the Charter Nite has always been held in high esteem & has been celebrated with much love. President Khushnoor also had an idea. Just a small little wish! As always, the creative geniuses of the Club got together & conceived & executed the dream into a reality. An extravaganza of color! What Co ordination! What a concept! You had more people on stage, than the total strength of many clubs! The program consisted of a series of Tableaus representing the different countries of Asia which were visited by Miss Universe – hopeful Shilpa Agrawal and her entourage. The spread – as lavish as the Show! Superb! Marvelous! Were some of the comments that I heard. Well from back stage I could not judge personally but I know how we all enjoy the practices. With 67 participants! From not even 6, Miloni Sampat to 77 year old Rajan Bhatia was the kind of final product – ‘the dress rehearsal’ we dished out! Long live Rotary Club of Nagpur! – Manju Shahani.

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