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Bharat Goenka

August 8, 2014 divider image

Greetings to my Rotary family!

As it ages, 2-2.5% of the whiskey maturing in a barrel is lost to evaporation ever year. Distillers refer to this as AS, the ‘Angels Share’. Similarly, as we grow- not in age, but fiscally & maturity we to need to give our ‘ Angels Share’

We all – be it in business, profession, performing arts or whatever that has made us grow financially & thereby mentally, have done so via the society we live in. Every religious book in the world like the Koran, Bible, Gita, Guru Granth sahib to name a few, preach only one idealism – give back to society what you have attained from it. Each of these books emphasise to save a certain part of our earnings for the children of a lessor God. Rotary is the only charitable organisation in the world that gives not just money but gives “tan, man dhan se” expecting nothing in return, not even accolades. If we do win national or international acclaim it is for charity, not for personal achievements.

To use a cliche- change is the only constant in our lives, therefore, as our club is now 70 years old, some changes are inevitable to accommodate a new, younger generation of members, without compromising on our basic values and dogmas. Remember only grass survives in the face of a storm whereas tall old trees break and fall. This is due to the fact that grass bends in the direction of the storm and bounces back when it passes. But trees can’t bend so they split and fall. So, in my presidential year if I make a few changes in the club, it will be in the best interest of the same. My inspiration will be all the past PP’s & who have left me a very rich legacy to draw upon. Of course we shall work within the laws and bye laws of Rotary International and our club.

I shall be focusing more on truly beneficial socio-oriented projects and have done away with some, which are not so relevant or are being handled by the Government.

TIME- the most important issue on my mind!!
If meetings & projects are held on time & within time, it will encourage more member participation as everyone in our club are extremely busy people in their own sphere of life. If they diligently chalk out an hour from their already heavily burdened schedules, only to find that they are caught up for 2 hours, they will be hesitant to participate again.

My idea of an address – an office for a club in now a necessity not a luxury. We need an office which comprises of a cabin, conference room, store, pantry & bathroom. This will be a place where any member can hold meetings, to store rotary related literature archives & so many other things which at present keep on changing address every year. The peon also gets a place to sit and we get a phone no which officially bears the name ‘Rotary club of Nagpur’. You all surely understand the increased efficiency of having an office, be it commercial or an NGO- now we are -a club that has 3000 people involved- directly or indirectly. So please send in recommendations, ideas proposals, locations and above all contributions!!!

This last month has taught me only one thing- life is truly beautiful.
I see beauty in the busy business people, drooping with fatigue doctors, pacing professionals trooping in regularly, carving time from their busy schedules to do their bit for society.
I see beauty in the overworked Rotary Anns & Annas, who are aware that there are no accolades for them, working tirelessly to do their bit to bring about a change in society.
I see beauty in our children- rotaractors, interactors, IYE students, children of Rotarians do their bit for building a healthy, aware, bold, awe-inspiring future generation.

I humbly admit that I have been on a high horse all these years.
I humbly admit that as President I have learnt my first lesson –humility.
But yet, I am exhilarated, exuberant, for, finally I am doing something selfless, something worthwhile, something to sum up my whole life.

Just like to Quote our R.I President Gary C.K Huang “Remember that
Rotary is a family and is for the family”.

Thank you all for showing me the way

Bharat Goenka

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