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Bharat Goenka

December 5, 2014 divider image

Enjoying the early winter my Rotary family?

As the saying goes – “No 13 lucky for some, unlucky for some”. But God has been kind. We received our Charter on the 13th of December 1944, and for us it has proved to be a lucky number. Here we are – on the threshold of stepping into our 71st year of our charter & with all guns blazing. This year too, like every preceding year, we shall be celebrating the Charter Nite by felicitating our past presidents alongside their gracious spouses. This is a tradition religiously & happily followed each year so as to remember & remind all the members about our past presidents who have made the club as we see it today- with great strength, perseverance, humility & sacrifice. I specially used the word ‘sacrifice’ because not only does the president compromise on his family, friends, relatives & business interests; he/she also has no space for ego, anger or attitude. President has to encompass all with his benevolence, yet maintain the dignity and strength of the post. As Charlie Chaplin once said “You need power to do something harmful otherwise love is enough to get things done” We undertake innumerable medical, surgical & diagnostic projects, thanks to the concerted efforts of our team of humane & dedicated doctors. I salute them today as do so many who have been on the receiving end of their largesse. We will always have place for any number of doctors in our club!!

Why is change needed? Only freed from our past burdens & fixed mind set can we take advantage of the present. Open up your minds & fly high! Problems are same, approach differs. Don’t be afraid of change, accept it gracefully!

It is my suggestion to some of our outspoken, opinionated, articulate members to come out in the open, take up a position of responsibility – lead the club in the direction they feel so strongly attracted to & they shall be welcomed with open arms. Be the change you want to see!!

Bharat Goenka

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