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Bharat Goenka

May 10, 2015 divider image

My dear generous Rotary family,

As you all know, we had a PHF and MD felicitation dinner recently. Well, we changed the format slightly. Besides PP Manmohan Daga’s short but effective speech on the joys of giving, of returning to society what you have got from it and an even shorter speech by our dignified assistant governor Vinay Tule – we did not ask a single member to become a PHF, the dinner was solely for members who are already PHFs and MDs – to thank them and acknowledge their noble gesture.

What a show our directors cum hosts put up – one of the finest PHF dinners I have attended so far, if I may say so myself. The PHF’s were treated like royalty – an evening filled with glamour, sumptuous food and music by Pinku Joseph who thoroughly endeared himself to the audience by involving everyone in the singing and dancing, making it an evening to remember.

My idea of not asking for money, that too, in a public forum was primarily that contributions should come from the heart, not by embarrassing or coercing people. If anyone wishes to become a PHF, I am only a phone call away. I have full faith in the largesse of our members and trust that they will respect my gesture in giving them the privacy to think, and will return my respect by calling up in large numbers to become PHFs, or accepting my request when I call you to become one.

If you are already PHF, you can make your spouse, children, parents, in-laws, sons-in-law, daughters-in-law… just about anyone from your family. It will be particularly appreciated by the younger generation, as, with the fast growing trend of opting for careers, rather than joining the family business, it shall reflect on their CV’s.

So come forward to be part of this esteemed Paul Harris Fellow and Major Donor Fraternity. What you acquire makes only you happy… but what you share with the less fortunate makes God happy. Now it is your decision whether you just want to be happy alone or spread your happiness in the world.

Bharat Goenka

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