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The fragility of life & the agility of the human ego – introspect

April 30, 2015 divider image

Good day to my Rotary family!!!!

I must share this forwarded write up with you, it’s going viral, but even then, for those who have missed it, as it expresses my idea of giving in the purest form- Service above Self. Do read it twice, thrice, till it becomes a part of your everyday thoughts.

‘ If there is one thing that an earthquake reminds us of, it is how fragile this life is. And how connected we are as a world family. The Teutonic plates don’t care about the boundaries we make on Mother Earth. To think that in a split second, this reality we have built up around us can be destroyed, is a humbling thought.

If today were the last day of our lives, would each of us really be content with who we ARE within? If not, it is time to start working towards the person we want to be. Not so much in terms of professions and designations, but as people- as living, breathing, manifestations of soul energy.

 Sending thoughts of peace and prayer to those affected by the earthquake in North India and Nepal.’

Sending thoughts of peace and prayer to those affected by illusions of power and one upmanship. If one was to die today, the only thing people will remember is how good a human being you were, how much you contributed to society. No one will remember your bank balance, positions in life, designations …….. So stop squabbling and start living before it’s too late.

Remember, what goes around, comes back.

Please donate generously for this gargantuan relief operation of alleviating the suffering of our brethern in Nepal and if need be even in our beloved country. Many from our club have already done so very magnaminously, it’s your turn NOW.

This evening we have a packed agenda for our regular meeting. We have the second installment of Vocational awards where we will be honouring two non rotarian achievers, two working super achievers and one senior rotarian retired from his vocation.

“Treating osteoporosis through webinar: An innovation in community medicine”
Dr. Sanjeev Chaudhary, an eminent orthopedic specialist with several national and international awards for his contribution in the field of osteoporosis, will tell us about his latest innovation in community medicine through the web. It fulfills Prime Minister Modi’s agenda of taking health to
rural India. Dr. Chaudhary will tell us about the philosophy of management of osteoporosis, which effects millions in India…..a not to be missed treat.

The fellowship during meetings table is of course there to welcome you, and do come to cheer these leaders in their vocations.

Bharat Goenka


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