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Balancing Health and Wealth – Weekly Meeting

February 4, 2016 divider image

President Khushnoor called meeting to order. There were three major parts to the meeting. First, induction of new members. Second, vocational excellence and social service awards. Third, a talk on “Balancing health and wealth”.

President elect Alok Goenka introduced the members to be inducted, namely Neeru Bhatia, Prashant Bhole, Bhavika Mirpuri, Nitin Thutheja and Nishant Pethe.

Rtn Md Master introduced the vocational excellence awardee, Mrs Durga Amit Chede. This lady has dedicated her life to deaf and dumb students in our society and has been instrumental in interpreting language at India Deaf Club, Nagpur. Next was social service awardee –  Mr Jagdish Khare. Jagdish, the real hero of Nagpur who lives to serve and who has faced all odds in his life in the past 21 years. To do what he thinks is his commitment to the society – saving thousand lives from drowning and removing twenty five hundred dead bodies from Gandhi Sagar.

C.A. Rizwan Mirza, fellow member of ICAI, a national trainer of IT Department spoke on a topic far from his profession – “How to prevent diseases. He showed snaps of Amitabh and Shashi Kapoor together. A recent one,  and the one thirty years ago. What a marked difference in the status of health of these two celebrities!

Further, he explained disease as defined by Dr. Raymond Fransis. Cellular malfunctioning, nutritional deficiency and environmental toxins are primarily responsible for any ailment and if taken care of, 98% can be avoided. An apple and a burger are buried in ground for a week. Apple is eaten away by ants and they don’t even touch burger

In the end, he suggested that for sound health ensure that you inhale clean air, drink clean water, and consume healthy food.

  • Sharad Bhave

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