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July 21, 2012 divider image

It’s a beginning of new age of spirituality said our guest speaker Dr. Yugandhar, a General Surgeon, Spiritual Teacher and Workshop trainer. He has clubbed Medical Science with Spiritual science and has started a new system and style of practice called as Transformational Medicine which actually causes transformation of mind and life leading to Self-Realisation thus putting an end to all disease and suffering.

During the meeting he made all members to meditate a while and concentrate on their pattern of breathing. The joys, peace, and success of life all depends on each person’s pattern of breathing. So, correct way of breathing is very important for everyone and this comes only with the right posture and state of mind. Dr. Yugandhar also explained the importance of keeping the ‘child’ in every person alive. We should never suppress the child in us. This will help every person to be agile, humble, curious, innocent, pure and ultimately happy. He also informed everybody of upcoming World Parliament on Spirituality.

All in all the members, who were there in very good number, were very cooperative and participated in the activity, which resulted in creating a positive aura and an atmosphere of total peace. Dr. Yugandhar personally commented and complemented the club members and expressed that he could feel the positive vibration in the hall. This I believe is a very strong point for our club that enables it to achieve what we want in our life. Rotary ann Divya Sharma introduced our guest and Rotarian Dr.Bharati Gidwani very aptly proposed a n appropriate vote of thanks on behalf of all members

-Geeta Rao

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