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Atul Shah

July 5, 2012 divider image

Dear Rotarians, Anns and Children,

Winds of change have started flowing …… in season and so also in Rotary! The theme for the Rotary year 2012-13, as announced by RI President 2012-13 Sakuji Tanaka is “Peace through Service”. He goes on to say “interpret PEACE the way you wish to… in Global, Local or Personal context…”. My interpretation is “Peace through Rotary”.

Rotary, personally has given me immense peace and satisfaction… helped me serve the community and bring smiles to fellow humans. This would have been an impossible task if I had tried doing it myself. Every time I have stepped forward there has been this confidence that each one of you is by my side, each one of you is there to lend your hand, with a smile… at times to lead, at times to walk together.

Imagine the joy we have derived watching “an ocean” of people gathering for a WALK in whites on a Sunday morning or getting down from our vehicles and the happy looks on the faces of those tribals saying “…they have arrived” or enjoying the Fellowships in each others’ enjoyable and comforting company!!!

Service has nothing to do with Statistics. Service is about intent and sincerity.
Statistically each day we need just one Rotarian by our side to achieve 300+ projects!! I prefer to have a bunch of Rotarians each time we step out for these projects rather than the number of programs and projects. I need your participation and smiles. Let us not leave it for tomorrow as if we are gazing the crystal ball. Let us “plan” for tomorrow but “live” for today! Let us lead each other to serve the world around us and thereby serve “ourselves”.

Let us “live to give” … to give Peace, Happiness and Joy… to live Peacefully, Happily and Joyously!



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