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Atul Shah

May 3, 2013 divider image



Dear Rotary Families,

Two more months to go?? That’s the question everyone has started asking Two more months as a Prez, as a Rotarian life will go on! Coming to think of it I never realised the transition from a fringe Rotarian or “Shefali’s Husband” to Rotary President. I feel whatever responsibility one takes up, it has a lot to do with favourable conditions on your family and business front and finally one’s desire to serve. The journey so far has been wonderful, thanks to my Board members. It was all about being there for each other, it was about working in unison and most importantly not letting the pressure take the better of you. If there was a calming and dignified persona of Sandy (Sandeep Pathak) then there was dedication and commitment of Parag Paranjpe. If there was innovative thinker like Shivkumar Rao then there was a Manjot Kahai with Midas touch! If there was Shaunak Mokadam who operated with dexterity then there was Manish Bhati – man for all seasons – Aladdin’s Genie. And finally who better than a gentle, balanced and cheerful, Nilufer Rana as Sergeant-at- Arms.

I feel blessed to have such a bunch of Board Members, revolving around you as in Galaxy, superbly sailing through sea of assignments…. Think of them and only their smiling faces will come to your minds, Right? They are the ones who will carry forward our Club’s rich legacy. Thank you guys for being there, you will hold a special place in my heart. Will be there for you…always!

Coming back to ‘fringe’ Rotarians, yet another has just entered the mainstream last week. Considered just as a brilliant techie, he has just showcased another facet of his, that of Community Service with the super successful ‘Dancing Stars‘ program. The ‘fringe’ Rotarians are moving…moving to the mainstream…watch out!

Cheers !

– Atul Shah

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