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Atul Shah

February 6, 2013 divider image

Dear Rotary Families,

New Year brings in New Hope, Energy, Enthusiasm, Belief, Desire…. practically everything has some freshness about it. Rationally speaking what changes between 31st Dec and 1st Jan? I guess that is the way human mind works….or “likes” to work.

Our Club is blessed, in the sense that we begin our New Year with our soul satisfying project Hemalkasa Surgical Camp. This year too it was no different. It was wonderful to see the involvement and commitment of our members and their families, especially the Medicos of our Club, towards this project. The highlight for me was the 200+ feet compound wall of Lok Biradari Prakalp which was painted by 100+ students of the Prakalp School. Their imagination, creativity and awareness towards social cause, all too visible!!

I salute the commitment of some of our Medico stalwarts who have been the force behind our Hemalkasa camp. Directors and Chairpersons of  Medical and Non-Medical team for Hemalkasa need to be applauded for seamless execution of this project.

As a Rotarian, Service becomes your 2nd nature! You keep serving the needy in a selfless manner without even realising that you are doing so and in most of the cases we never get to meet those we have served, again…. but I am sure we remain in their hearts and mind forever!

I am convinced, had I not been in Rotary, individually I would have never been able to contribute for so many causes. Probably I would have kept wondering all my life, when to start, where to start and with what type of service to start. In Rotary each one of us can pick and pursue our areas of passion.

By the time I finish penning this message, yet another milestone program in our Club’s calendar awaits us – Walkathon ! Honestly it is my personal favorite.  With your involvement and support, I am sure this too will be a huge success…. as always!



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