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Atul Shah

August 7, 2012 divider image

Dear Rotary Families,

At this age & stage of my life, I am yet to unravel the power of the word “NEW”. I sometimes wonder why this 3 letter word generates so much excitement, frenzy, festivity, joy, happiness and motivation. Be it a product, activity or our Club, this word suddenly spells magic!

It is the same Club, same Rotary families, most of the programs and projects on the same line ……….then why this excitement when we say “New Rotary Year”. Well, I am sure no one has the answer!

Surely our excitement translates into enthusiasm and enthusiasm into energies, and our energies make us enablers, that Rotary families are expected to be. That is what a New Rotary Year is, I suppose.

If the installation ceremony this month, was befitting our club then equal to the task was Green City Committee which distributed Neem Seeds to 10,000 young Hitavada-Twinkle Club Members. So was the Sports committee which organized a fantastic event of Kho-Kho and Kabbaddi for young Interactors of our adopted Rural school – Sevanand and the Community Welfare committee served hot lunch to the delight of these children of the school.

The Rotaract, Interact & Youth Service committee has shown the way with teamwork to bring some fantastic workshops on “Life Skills” for our Gen Next. Kudos to Programs and Fellowship during meeting committees for giving our club “finger licking” programs and snacks.

It is heartening to see the Rotary families participating and contributing to the Rotary International President Sakuji Tanaka’s call of “Peace through Service” as and when they are called upon. There is more in store in the coming month as more committees and members get into action, more generous people keep joining our cause every day. Enjoy Rotary!


Atul Shah

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