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Atul Shah

June 11, 2013 divider image

Dear Rotary Families,

Couple of months back I was thinking that from May onward I will sit back and delve upon the months gone by… no such luck. This team does not allow time to look back, they say keep looking ahead!

“Looking Ahead” is how I would term our extremely fruitful 3rd Club Assembly involving the PP’s and Board members. I had forgotten to mention the same in the previous issue. They are referred to as “Past” Presidents but their inputs and guidance were keeping in mind the “Present and the Future”. Their thoughts symbolized “Looking Ahead”. Above all their passion for Rotary and our Club in particular was absolute.

The 3 adjectives Calm, Innovative and Meticulous are extremely significant for men who are at the helm of affairs. My dear friend and Treasurer Alok’s meticulousness ensured that we as a team were never on an Arithmetical trip, everything on his fingertips!! Joint Secretary Mahendra with his innovative and out of the box ideas ensured a great mix of programs and fellowships! Hon.Secretary Shabbar Shakir – ever smiling, ever supportive, specially, with his calm demeanor and excellent command over service projects was an asset to this team….not to mention he was a master at handling my tantrums.

They were my “Chill Pills”. These 3 guys were fantastic, ensuring smooth functioning and never stepping over each others toes! The member’s contributions at Rotary Foundation dinner of our Club once again showed our commitment and resolve towards supporting the cause of Rotary Foundation.

Finally a salute to our Ladies Night Fellowship team….it was entertainment, entertainment, entertainment…all the way…super show, thank you for being there!


Atul Shah

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