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Seeking a solution to increasing Man-Animal conflict- a vexatious issue

June 10, 2015 divider image

A wonderful morning to all my Rotary friends,

Last Sunday some of you attended our Joint Club assembly and the Ladies Nite. The assembly was organised this time at a different venue, Hotel LB. The management put up a sumptuous breakfast and superb arrangements for the meeting much beyond our agreement and expectation. Change is the essence of life, and should be always for the better.

The Ladies Nite was a cornucopia of superb bonding, fellowship, fun & music. That we could meet and identify with so many of our missing members during this event, itself was worth the huge amount of effort, time & money spent on organising this mega event. I witnessed members and their family having a great time, laughing and enjoying themselves. So it was worth it. I heard a certain rumor that there were some ruffled feathers about the entertainment event, but then each has a right to his own perspective. I would just like to suggest that next time volunteer and take a lead. It was my mandate to all Board members that they will be fully responsible for the working of their committees under their chairpersons. All fellowships, Installation, Charter Nite and Walkathon were with Vice President Alok Goenka and he was in full control of the conceptualisation, planning and execution of all these major events of the club.

OK now for the program this evening, we have Additional Principal Chief Conservator of forests Wildlife (east) Mr Meyipokyim Aier regaling us with a PPP on Man/Animal conflict, a topic which very frequently finds a prime place in the newspapers and media news. Just as I am typing I am watching the news that a leopard has entered a house in Mumbai suburbs. Incidences of man-animal conflict are increasing day by day, man is encroaching on wildlife habitat and wildlife is now influxing villages and damaging agriculture crops.  The Forest laws are draconian as far harming wildlife is concerned but I just read in the newspaper that Government is contemplating allowing limited period killing of Nilgai & wildboar. So come and listen to these experienced knowledgeable officer who will give you a proper insight into this vexatious problem.

Would like to see you all for the meeting this evening and share a cup of coffee with me.

Best wishes

Bharat Goenka


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