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The hills came alive in the Sound of Music, but on the 5th of July, it won’t be inappropriate to say, that the meeting came alive with the Sound of Music.. A thumping success, was the first meeting of Atul Shah. Well begun is half done, they say.

Chairperson Geeta Rao with Poonam Sethi and Ganesh Joshi, conceptualized a novel way, of going down memory lane of rotary with popular Hindi songs from that era.. As far back as 1940’s all the way upto 2012, memoirs of Rotary then and now, went hand in hand with music of that time. A whopping 21 singers of our club, came forward to render some unforgettable numbers.

The hall was spilling over to say the least, and the program was well appreciated. Once again our club has shown that it has no dearth for talent, and all seem to take “time out” to ensure that the program is a success.

Music interspersed with commentary was well handled by Vishwas, and the musical team of Pankaj more than covered by the flaws of our amateur artistes. Once again, a job well done by Geeta Rao, and her assistants, Poonam and Ganesh. A special thanks to Dr’s. Anita and Ajay Sood for letting the team use their home for the practice sessions. Looking forward to more such evenings!

-Anita Chitaley

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