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Tauby Bhagwagar

May 13, 2012 divider image

My Dear Rotarians,

It is easy to develop a big vision for yourself and for the person you want to be. It is easy to commit yourself to living and dealing with integrity. But it requires incredible courage to follow through, on your vision and on your commitments. As soon as you set a high goal or standard for yourself, you will run into all kinds of difficulties and setbacks. You will be surrounded by temptations to compromise your values and your vision. You will feel an almost irresistible urge to “get along by going along.” Your desire to achieve, earn the respect and accolades of others can easily lead to the abandonment of your principles, and here is where courage comes in. Character and Courage are rightly considered the foremost of the virtues. Courage is the distinguishing characteristic of a true individual and his work. It is almost always visible in his or her words and actions. It is absolutely indispensable to true success, achievement and happiness.

Rotary is judged by the character and courage of its members. Just imagine the genius of Paul Harris when he wrote that each Rotarian is a connecting link between the idealism of Rotary and the idealism of his trade or profession. This link must be fortified, by working hard, by working with courage, by working honestly, by working for profit with profiteering, by working with a sense of service to the community. Henry Ford said “a business that makes nothing but money is a poor kind of business” and it is perhaps in this spirit, that philanthropic giving appears to be on the increase. We should applaud the altruism, the continued efforts to give back to the communities and commend those for the positive difference they make to people’s lives. But, at the same time, we should introspect whether what we are giving can be made more significant.

A devastating fire rendered an entire community homeless and children and the aged to the mercy of nature. Whatever little, was lost in the fire which engulfed entire homes of their clothing, food and savings. I was happy that we were among the first NGOs to reach the Chikli slums and render relief to the victims to build up their lives again.

The indoor sports, a first time addition was enthusiastically participated and enjoyed. Each month we do have more than our share of fun, that compliments the more serious and dedicated service efforts we put in.

As for the expression “random acts of kindness”. What a beautiful and simple, yet powerful notion. Let us Rotarians practice random acts of kindness so much so that we make it a repeated, habitual process.

Yours in Rotary,

Tauby Bhagwagar.

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