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Rina Sinha

July 4, 2017 divider image

Dear Friends,

As the new Rotary year begins we are once again all charged and motivated to make it yet another remarkable year and make our RCN flag fly higher! While we begin to set new standards and records, we shall remember to keep ourselves grounded and bonded as one large Rotary family enjoying each and every moment of every activity that we undertake .
Let’s keep it simple and let’s get ‘Back To Basics’ where fellowship, bonhomie, family involvement and prime focus on Making A Difference to community at large be our goal!
We have a rich legacy of 74 years backing us and we are known for following systems to the core, let’s take pride in them and adhere to them instead of reinventing the wheel!
The Board of Directors and I will do our best to build on the old and set the new with your help and support! The success of our team and term depends on You and Your involvement in our dear RCN! I have no doubt on this score whatsoever. We look forward to the involvement of all. Let us know where and what you can do. Come and be part of this great tradition. We are listening.
On behalf of The Board and on my own behalf I thank you for giving us this opportunity to work along with You for our great club Rotary Club Of Nagpur!


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